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  • Hey matches were announced in the kalos invitational. Remember to stay active in the rp even if youre not battling. Theres more to the story than pokemon battles after all
    Yep. The only issue is finals are coming up for me and I will be busy. But after that I'll be more then willing to help! Also I noticed your profile pic, do you happen to like Final Fantasy XIII?
    It is indeed, I know about it and stalked this forum for a bit before finally joining yesterday so I won't be too rusty hopefully.
    s'all good! thanks for letting me know. It's slowed down a bit so I wouldn't worry too much.

    enjoy your vacation!
    It's all right, I never was much of a sports fan, or ever able to do sports. Well, things I like are primarily videogames, and I really want to become a good writer. Mostly so I can write good roleplays and write fanfiction. And well, let's not talk about my half attempts at fanfiction. I like to learn math and science in school the most. I am really interested in firearms, and want to convince my mom to let me get an airsoft gun so I can play with my friends. Other than that, I love to go camping. Yeah, that's pretty much it.
    Well, I'm not into sports, but my dad wants me to do sports. I wanted to do baseball because it's one of the only sports i remotely like/can play, but my dad hates baseball. Tennis is the sport he always wanted me to do, and in a choice between tennis and water polo, i took tennis. Now if I don't play it, he gets mad, but at least it isn't so bad now. I mean, sure i'd rather do other things, but I'm ok with t now if I have to do it.
    Well it's more like, if I don't play tennis, I risk feeling my father's wrath crush my soul. So, I pretty much just do this so my dad won't kill me for no reason, also I really suck anyways.

    And for the match, I don't really have cable anymore. I only have netflix on my dad's laptop.
    Friday: Watched Mulan, did homework (I think)
    Saturday: Watched that Genesect movie on Netflix, did Boy scout stuff, went to grandpa's birthday.
    Sunday: Random tennis outside, board game, played trumpet, Mulan 2, this forum.
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