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Recent content by Senzura

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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

    Hey people remember me?
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

    OMG GOD HATES ME. Just checked the weather for the next few days in the place Im going. Check my blog for more info.
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    What wallpaper/background/desktop are you using now?

    Wii brower master race here, I dont have a desktop >.> My computer uses a picture of a NWL plant. Why? I dont know
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    New Characters

    Re: Cheren Im preety sure he's a boy baced on how they talked about him on Sunday. I think he's the rival btw.
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Hey I'm new here.

    welcome to the forums!
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    Wait, what? A new user?!

    This isnt bulbapedia forums, its bulbaGARDEN forums. Bulbapedia is just a part of bulbagarden, anyway, welcome
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    Welcome to the forums.
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    Hello, I'm new here.

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Snow has arrived

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    Welcome to the forums
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    Ey guys!! Wassap?

    Welcome to the forums
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    How many conversations do you currently have?

    142. Havnt cleaned in awile
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    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Adventure Time. Fucking love that show.