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  • Heyo! Gonna put up the Scatterbug soon, but the TMs I'd like for the case are:

    TM Confide x2 - 4k
    TM Payback - 3.5k
    Total 7.5k as agreed on!
    TM Case: TM29 Psychic- $4,000
    TM167 Dazzling Gleam - $4,000
    TM135 Grass Knot - $3,000
    TM50 Substitute - $5,500
    TM26 Earthquake - $5,000
    TM117 Drain Punch - $4,000

    25.500$ is this agreeable?
    Hey bud are you doing okay? Idk where you are specifically but I heard there was rough shit in your vicinity .-.
    No problem thanks :)

    You've played more than two games, right? I wouldn't call you a newbie.
    Hello. I see you are quite the FnG and War Room regular, just as I aspire to be again from now on. So, mind if I send you a Friend Request?
    Hey! I'm trying to pair up overlordreubs and Karpi together as rivals-- or lovers, (we'll see how it turns out,) if I can get 'em to make nice, you wanna ref a forum battle for them? I'm maybe jumping the gun a bit by assuming they'll want to battle at all, but if they do it's up to you to show them a really good job of it... that means the brilliantly-written reffed turns and tutoring them on how to play the game and everything. Sound good?
    I used AIM through facebook. As in, "Log in with your facebook account!" or, "Connect with facebook!" and come time to log in, I'd click the little facebook button and log into facebook instead of into AIM directly. Now that button is gone, can't even log in with my #####@facebook.aol that it produced for me.

    The quick fix is to just sign up to AIM again with a dedicated URPG account, but as they say, "fuck that." I'm not interested in sharing my home address and phone number with AIM-- I hadn't shared them with facebook, and my "location" is something facebook is still nagging me about-- so unless there's a fix for the facebook button problem, AIM can fuck off and I can root for IRC. If I were a more pleasant person, my AIMlessness might have actually encouraged people to switch.
    ok I'll shoot for Friday night at 8pm my time (7pm for you I think). There's a slight possibility I wont make it if my plans change for any reason, but right now that's open for me! Is that ok?
    Hey there! I just wanted to say Welcome to the URPG! If you want to know anything about the park, just let me know and I'll fill you in! We're happy to have you!
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