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  • Hi, HKim has put me in charge of getting the Dungeons off the ground, interested in helping out? It'll involve figuring out exactly what kind of experience they'll be, the mechanics behind them, and in later stages the rewards and some actual trials.
    Sweet. *highfives*
    Uh, I have links and info and shiz up to "They Called Us Twins" on page four/five of the BMG archive, with one being the front. I'mma try to get the format straightened out in a sec, but if you could move backwards from 26 then I could meet you somewhere midway? ^^
    Well, showing would be best but I don't have one so. Its kinda like a piece of crumb cake, with cream inside in the shape of a brownie. They call them gigi brownies iirc, though yes, they have nothing to do with brownies at all besides shape.
    No idea if they have these by you, but there's even brownies that aren't made from chocolate.
    Yes, well, the darkness is fun, it's nice and cold, and there's brownies. :D Who doesn't love brownies?
    I just want to randomly show up from no where, and say that's a pretty awesome avatar/banner. Back into the shadows for me.
    i feel welcomed, i had questions, but the Blast chat group on AIm answered them very well.. i feel like this is a start of something even better to com. i look forward to challenging the gyms. i'll contact you if i do have any questions
    /late reply is late WOOPAH!

    I think guttural languages are pretty neat. For the most part, soft languages like Italian, bore me because to me, you can hear it and sort of forget it's being spoken at all. Guttural languages just have oomph! in them to make you sit up and listen. And yeah, English is sort of guttural when you think about it, huh? Sometimes you have those consonant clusters like tl, tr, and others. I also notice that it's consonants are aspirated unlike other languages like Spanish.

    Haha, international interpreter? Oh my. xD That sounds so hard! I'll think I'll settle for three, thanks. For now...

    I totally agree! It's not necessarily the lyrics but the way they're sung, the voice(s) of the singers, and so much more. I only plug in songs into Google Translate when I want to learn some vocabulary, but for the most part, I leave them be. I have this Danish song in my I-Pod, for example, for almost a year, and I still don't know what they're saying. xP

    The Cyrillic alphabet is sort of like mirror-reverse version of our alphabet. It's kind of weird. o_O My brother, who has taken a liking to Russian, keeps telling me what they mean. I'm glad I don't have to learn it. Looks troubling. D:

    xD Xhosa has to be the most amusing language to listen to!
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