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  • Yeah. I mean, I find German beautiful because of how it's pronounced. It just seems like a fun language to speak. Other languages that don't sound as "harsh", like Korean, don't spark anything within me. It's just there.

    Polish is very relaxing to listen to. Finnish music is definitely one of my favorite types of music, but then again, I'm bias since I'm learning Finnish and I can bits here and there. I also found Turkish music soothing.

    Arabic writing is so pretty! It flows much more than the Latic oy Cyrillic alphabet but it doesn't seem as complex as Chinese writing. But yeah, very intimidating, especially with the huge amount of dialects that exist.

    Xhosa tongue twister - YouTube

    ^ Xhosa tongue-twister. Learning how to say that would certainly turn heads. xD
    I know! German is such a beautiful language, and I always dislike it when people automatically label it ugly for whatever reason. I've heard some Polish rock by the band: Żywiołak. I'm going to go looking for more soon. Anything in Polish sounds like one musical tongue-twister. :>

    I was tempted to take Mandarin, since my sister's hubby is Taiwanese and I could actually use it in real life. Arabic is a pretty language, but it's really intimidating. ^^; I'll settle for just listening to it. As for the amount of languages, I know, right? I'm shocked by how many languages my college offers.

    You know what's a fun language to listen to? Xhosa. All those clicks are just mesmerizing. o_O
    That, too! :) I'm going to take German in college this upcoming spring semester, and I can't wait. Too bad there's so many languages that they offer and I might have to dabble into others in my spare time. (I'm looking at you, Polish!)

    And then there's the languages that they don't offer but you really want to study, so you have no choice but study by yourself. Then again, I'm a sucker for languages and wish all could be available in college. xD
    Haha, like my Spanish teacher Freshman year. First off, she let her students walk all over her, until she had a breakdown somewhere mid-year. We got a substitute, who was really nice, for about four months. Sophomore year we did a bit more but still learned nothing. Senior year, a bit more, but it was still useless. The bad thing about my school was that native-speakers weren't challenged at all (read: boring) and the ones who knew no Spanish found everything WAY above their heads and had to resort to asking friends for work.

    This is why it's just better to buy learning materials and learn a language by yourself. No stress whatsoever. 8)
    Pfft, I am so jealous. I was going to take French when I entered middle school, but then I moved. (My sister lend me some French books to study, though, and I know the alphabet and how to say "My name is..." in ASL. :D)
    No problem; I'm happy to help! :) For Spanish-speaking URPGers I only know of myself and Xali as native-speakers. I actually had to take Spanish in high-school since that was the only foreign-language available, and yeah, high school language classes aren't a big help at all. xD;

    If you ever need any help, you know where to call!
    I love you for putting Spanish in your URPG story. :D I just wanted to correct some things: If you want to say "The Great Fire Ape" it would actually be: El Gran Mono de Fuego. "Tourist" would be el turista. Corazones doesn't have an accent. ¡Ay, Dios mio! is literally "Oh my God!" if you want to add that to your notes at the end.

    If your story isn't claimed by the end of the weekend I'll be happy to grade it. ^-^ Also, I didn't get a chance to welcome you back. So: Welcome back! :3
    Yes, seriously. It was going to be a brightly-colored, smiley mime. For irony, because I have a reputation of never shutting up. (Even though I don't actually talk that often.)
    Pretty excellent. Right now I'm painting a mask that's supposed to represent how people view me (on the outside) and how I truly am (on the inside). Right now, the outside looks like a gay clown and the inside looks like it's on PCP. ...It was an accident, I swear.
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