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  • Hi!

    My dad booked a last minute holiday so I was busy getting ready for that and have been abroad for ages. Got back not to long ago so hoping to get posting again.

    Sorry for that lack of warning mate.
    Hey, sorry Ive been a little busy and just wanted to come on to tell you I'll be able to post in the RP tomorrow morning. I've been super busy!
    I was thinking keeping it pretty simple in that the Contests are like the anime too rather than the games.

    If you want, I could shortlist a couple cities/towns that would be good places for contests and send you it over a PM if that's useful?
    Just a query, the Contests were like the anime right, in that they were held in different cities not just Hearthrome?
    You went to London?

    I'm on my way back home - should be back late evening and my posting will be back to normal then :)
    Hey, sorry I might be going to bed early today as I'm travelling tomorrow early as well as Tuesday to the capital so might be a bit slow in replying.
    Wow thanks for all that detail, I think maybe it seems that a journey RP would be the best for us. Does that sound good to you, we can flesh out details on the type over PMs?
    Yeah essentially, is there any plot you're dying for - a journey one, non Pokemon, academy?

    I mean, two is fine too, it was just a suggestion.
    Yeah, it was just that I'm only in one RP as well, so I can definitely stretch for a couple more.

    Is there firstly a) any particular type of RP story you like and b) anyone else you wanted to RP with?
    Hello there

    I notice you view the RP that Winter started quite a lot. I wondered if you wanted to do a Private RP, we could ask some others as well and toss up a few ideas if you wanted.
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