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Recent content by Serverus Snope

  1. Serverus Snope

    Most Popular Starter Generation

    I feel like the Gen 6 starters work the best as a cohesive unit. There's a solid theme shared by all three of them (fantasy RPG archetypes) and they all clearly complement each other. There are other starter trios where this applies (i.e. the Galar starters all having ties to different aspects...
  2. Serverus Snope

    Favorite Dragon type

    Dragapult was a really good pseudo-legendary. I love it. Also Reshiram just looks majectic.
  3. Serverus Snope

    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    In Kris' defense, her anime counterpart is a Coordinator. But (for the record, since you didn't mention Crystal) her manga counterpart (the only version of her I've really become all that familiar with) is a peerless capture specialist. (So the same discipline as Goh, I guess.) For the rest...
  4. Serverus Snope

    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    Alternatively, the Lucario is even more Aura-sensitive than usual and it feels psychologically overwhelmed by it. I blame the anime. Specifically that one guy who just abandoned a Tepig like it was nothing. Then again, the actual rarity of starters in the series is kind of inconsistent. Lucario...
  5. Serverus Snope

    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    I feel like Eevee isn't quite what it used to be in terms of "NEVER USE THIS POKEMON FOR YOUR OC." It helps that the Eevee population has grown dramatically in the main series games. ...Though that makes "Eevee as a starter" as a key selling point even more baffling. It's not that special...
  6. Serverus Snope

    DISCUSSION: The fanfic potential of the Entralink

    There's a Pokemon Tabletop Adventures series where one of the characters can slip into the Dream World to commune with certain Pokemon... since she has strange mystical powers given by a class that's not quite canon. It's called Pokemon Utopus Region.
  7. Serverus Snope

    Why is a raven like a writing desk?

    I beg your pardon?!
  8. Serverus Snope

    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    That's the biggest pitfall of the games. The game mechanics overly simplify something that would likely be a far more complex relationship. It's also a reason why I've grown fonder of smaller team sizes in recent years. Fewer mons means more room for fleshing out each one's relationship with...
  9. Serverus Snope

    Ships you dislike

    There's nothing wrong with enjoying mutually exclusive ships, though. Sometimes more than one character would be a good fit for a certain character.
  10. Serverus Snope

    Ships you dislike

    In the games, any ship between the protag and the main villain. Legality aside, it'd be really hard for people with such an age difference to have a relationship where they can truly understand each other and be equals. N is the exception, though. I actually kinda like Ferriswheelshipping and...
  11. Serverus Snope

    What was the last thing that made you angry?

    Traffic, as usual.
  12. Serverus Snope

    How would you change your life?

    I have my regrets, but coming to terms with them will probably be better for me than wishing I could reverse them. It's easier said than done, though. I only started an actual career a month ago and I'm 26. There will always be this feeling that I should've grown up much more quickly (and I'm...
  13. Serverus Snope

    Look to your right. What do you see?

    At the end of a small hallway, my mom's old wedding dress.
  14. Serverus Snope

    Your predictions for the 2020s!

    Please don't bring the end of days, please don't bring the end of days... I could see movies/shows/etc. we've largely rejected this decade be re-examined and some unexpected names will become popular. Maybe people will find value in them that we overlooked when they were new. Like subtext in...
  15. Serverus Snope

    China bans liking Team Rocket

    This is hilarious in the saddest possible way. Do I laugh or do I cry? Laugh so hard I cry? Cry so brokenly that I go into a deranged laughing fit?