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Recent content by Shadao

  1. Shadao

    Review JN010: The Kairyu Paradise and Hakuryu's Ordeal!

    Since I'm in a Star Wars mood lately, here's what I can say about Ash's new Dragonite. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one. If Ash can capture old Gen I Pokémon now, imagine what other Pokémon he is free to capture? Or heck, what other trends will the anime break this time?
  2. Shadao

    Preview M23: Koko

    I wonder if Coco would explore or blur the lines between human and Pokémon. Like, the only words that Coco could say is "Coco." I would also say that Coco would fit nicely with other wild humans like Hareta and Sapphire. I am a bit disappointed that there's no apparent female lead but I guess...
  3. Shadao

    Preview JN007: The Hoenn Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!!

    I just realized that the Battle Frontier's last appearance in games was in Gen IV as it never made it into the ORAS remakes. How peculiar that the anime decides to advertise something that has been out of focus for nearly 10 years.
  4. Shadao

    News The Official Pokemon Company Makes a Contemplation of Ash's League Loses

    Yeah. He may have some serious frowns but they're always outnumbered by his numerous happy smiles and comedic quirks. He wasn't lobotomized like Team Rocket during the BW series. And heck, I'll say that XY Ash is pretty much Red done better. A stoic frown may suggest that this trainer is not...
  5. Shadao

    News The Official Pokemon Company Makes a Contemplation of Ash's League Loses

    You know, after skimming it a bit several times (mostly because the language used is just awful jabbing), it does highlight how the US treats winning (or should I say losing) differently from Japan. In Japan, you have a montage of Ash battling in the Pokémon Leagues but they don't merely show...
  6. Shadao

    Ash vs. Ash

    You mean Ash of the main anime meets Ash of the M20 and M21 movies? I think they'll get along. Personally, I want to see Ash meets Red from the Adventures Manga.
  7. Shadao

    Review JN003: Fushigisou, Isn't it Mysterious?

    Personally, I was hoping that James got Gyarados from that rental machine. It would have come full circle with his bad luck that started on the St. Anne.
  8. Shadao

    Review SM146: Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!!

    For the anime but certainly not the first time in official media. The Electric Tale of Pikachu beat that with our favorite Team Rocket Trio. And around 20 years earlier or so based on the release date.
  9. Shadao

    Controversial opinions

    Honestly, the moment you put in an in-universe explanation, it will break the suspension of disbelief within the setting and just begs more questions than give answers. That's what happened when comic books try to justify a continuity reboot with an in-universe Crisis on Infinite Earth...
  10. Shadao

    Controversial opinions

    One has to wonder why nobody questions how Batman still remains the same age of 30/40-ish while all the Robins and Batgirls that he tutored all grew up to be young adults... Or if you don't want to count continuity reboots, one has to wonder why Spider-Man is still a single young adult just out...
  11. Shadao

    Review SM143: Conclusion! Gaogaen VS Nyaheat!!

    Why not? It's pretty much Ash's "Let's Get Dangerous" theme these days. Whereas Gladion represents the nail-bitting possibility of Ash breaking through the glass ceiling of victory, XYZ represents Ash's love for battles and where he shines as a trainer. Fittingly, it's reserved for the battle...
  12. Shadao

    BW or SM?

    Because the Pokémon League is the culmination of Ash's skills and lessons he has earned in the region. A showcase of his best. I wouldn't say that SM is better than BW simply because of Ash winning the League. But the Unova League was the nail in the coffin of what people thought of Ash since...
  13. Shadao

    Controversial opinions

    Tracey should have gotten a more striking character design in my opinion. He was bland in appearance, not really standing like Brock or even Todd Snap. When you look at future male companions after Brock, they tend to have more interesting designs or quirks that make them memorable. Cilian...
  14. Shadao

    BW or SM?

    SM on the basis that it was able to have complete story arcs (for both protagonists and antagonists) and actually have Ash win a Pokémon League. BW, when you get closer and closer to the end, you start to get the feeling that something's missing or rushed. Team Plasma, Iris's arc, and the...
  15. Shadao

    What do you think of Ash's new design from Pokemon Sword and Shield anime?

    Oh that's nothing compared to what this Japanese fan found: View: https://twitter.com/cota_pika/status/1178243886218481665