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Recent content by Shaded Spriter

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    New Super Smash Brothers Brawl Site...

    YAY! it has been delayed in America...I hope this means there isn't a lot of time between then and the Europe release date...I would hate for this delay to delay europe's release. That is Yoshi's final smash - it was shown here. http://www.smashbros.com/en_uk/characters/yoshi.html
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    New Super Smash Brothers Brawl Site...

    it was revealed along with the two players that each stage will have a team of characters to play as....from the intro sequence shown a while ago Kirby and Mario will be that stages characters. (I can't remember if link was there too or not.)
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    New Super Smash Brothers Brawl Site...

    This is insanely good...when is the European release date because I want it now. Edit: 2008! DAMN YOU NINTENDO EUROPE!
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    Comic Movie Releases. Next movie: Kick-Ass - April 16, 2010

    got another comic movie...and it is one I am looking forward too. hack/slash (imdb link.) It is sceduled to be released next year by rogue pictures...which is funny because there was a Child's play/chucky cross-over with hack/slash released this year and rogue pictures released the most...
  5. S

    Will Full Metal Alchemist continue

    I think the current series should end with the movie...there is no reason to continue it. it left with a very good conclusion...but yeah a "Ultimate" version based more closely on the manga would be good.
  6. S

    Doctor Who Video Game Announced

    http://www.toptrumps.com/console.asp <-- they have done it before...
  7. S

    New Super Smash Brothers Brawl Site...

    So todays update (I didn't care about the two Fire Emblem updates really.) so the "Adventure mode" is going to be basically the side scrolling action we already love...combined with Story driven cut scenes... Edit: It looks like peach is a playable character.
  8. S

    Doctor Who Video Game Announced

    OMF(NE)G... *reads the article.* (deleted expletive) It is just a top trumps game...since it is being made by top trumps.
  9. S

    Simpsonize yourself!

    I really like this simpsonize thing. As well as doing me...I did my character shaded Spriter...yeah I know there isn't much difference...that is why I might be able to cosplay him sometime.
  10. S

    Simpsonize yourself!

    no chin is part of the simpsons style... damn my photos are all too smalll...I will try again when I can get a camera this afternoon.
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    Doctor Who Returns to Comics

    doctor who was in a comic for last years red nose day...he was in the Beno I think... I never read any doctor who comics but I know of him because of a marvel UK character Death's head (wikipedia) Which my friend told me about...(He was in Transformers...where he time traveled met with the...
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    New Super Smash Brothers Brawl Site...

    looking at the pictures from the toadstool jump...I think it is just that... I don't think every character will have the "cartoon physics" squash-stretch jump animation that wario has. (characters like Snake/Link/etc it will just look wrong on for example.) if you look at it closely DK...
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    New Super Smash Brothers Brawl Site...

    hopefully this move can stop edge hogging (one of the things I hated the most in melee.)
  14. S

    Y: The Last Man and Jonah Hex Movie Updates

    I like Y the last man...I stopped reading it about a year ago when I stopped reading comics...I hope they are working their way to the final answers soon.
  15. S

    Japanese music

    YAY! someone else listens to the pillows...I bought one of two/three of there CDs (if you count the FLCL soundtrack.) I don't have much more stuff other then them...I have a a lot of anime music (somehow I downloaded ALL of Ranma 1/2 music and then deleted some of it because it was too much.)