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  • Oh my gods, Shadow, you're freakin' adorable. I love you. XD Thank you for the birthday wishes~ I greatly appreciate it.^^ How are you, old friend?
    I'm doing okay though my workplace is stressing me out. Boss was nice enough to reduce my hours at my request until I can get my head together.=/
    I had an issue the other day with a twitch in one of my eyelids which I read is a result of overstress. It's gone now but I got to keep it together stress wise still.

    Been slowly pacing myself through my pokemon DVD's starting with season 1. I'm practically going at a snails pace and that may have something to do with being more into sonic these days. It's not just the Pokemon anime. I got Pokemon OR and AS and didn't even get to the second gym...............
    Yeah my interest in Pokemon is extremely casual now.

    In other news I seem to be playing alot of sonic games.XD
    Got the Gamecube version of sonic heroes today. I already had it on PS2 but the PS2 version is horrid to control and my copy was so glitchy. I heard from others that the gamecube copy was better so I found it second hand. What a difference I must say. Works like a dream. Now I have to work out how to get rid of my PS2 copy since I have a better version now.=/

    Still waiting on sonic riders to come through the mail since i ordered that aswell. When I got back into sonic I didn't realise how many games he had.o_O

    It's a childhood nostalgia. Before Pokemon, it was sonic.XP
    Hilariously my brother seems to be playing lots of Mario. Reminds me of when we were kids. He was the mario kid and I was the sonic kid.lol

    I think the only thing I've been playing alot of Pokemon wise is Pokemon shuffle. It was free so why not.
    I'm use to games running like what nintendo is experimenting with shuffle. I have a bunch of mobile sonic games on my tablet.

    I'm improving my art skills still.

    Nothing much otherwise.

    How about you?
    Thanks so much for the birthday wish. I am so sorry for not replying, I have been so busy i havent been able to do anything lately. :(
    Other than that for a while last year I was in depression. Well I finally pulled out of it. More positive than I ever been. Now if only I can overcome my fears. I find what's holding me back in animation is mainly fear. I guess it's the fear of the unknown of what will happen in the future. However I'll work around it somehow.=3

    Anyway how have you been?
    I mean I missed sega's fall out with the dreamcast, I missed the sonic 06 situation entirely and for some reason the recent situation with sonic boom I was lucky enough to get a working copy which must be a rare thing considering how glitchy everyone elses copies are.o_O
    Plus with Sonic boom I don't mind simplistic stuff since I enjoy Pokepark and that's very simple and repetitive aswell.XP
    I was actually pleasantly surprised with my copy and enjoyed the game enough to unlock everything and start a new file.=)

    So I haven't been alienated yet. Currently however I'm playing the old megadrive games on the DS and I have a sonic amiibo.=3
    Never been able to get a Pikachu amiibo though. I was lucky to get the sonic one since I ordered it online. I have never seen a sonic or pikachu amiibo in store. They're always sold out. I would love a Pikachu one.=/

    Anyway as said I'm watching pokemon XY but it's really more of the same. I only watch it when I'm in the mood. I'm very very casual with pokemon now that it's not that big a deal anymore. I personally like that Ash seems to be smart again but he really needs someone or something to bounce off of that challenges him. When I did the screen writing course late last year, the lecturer said it's good to have something that puts a challenge in front of the portagonist whether it'd be something to overcome or someone to bounce off that challenges their beliefs. It creates more interest and helps the viewer invest in the character in wanting them to overcome said challenge.

    Anyway to give an idea of the type of sonic music I'm listening too. I'm listening to remixes by fans.=3
    This being my favourite from the ending of the very first sonic game I ever played as a kid. When I was really little before Pokemon ever existed, I use to sit in front of the TV at my Uncles place and play sonic the hedgehog 2 all the time.=D
    Been doing okay. Sorry for the long gap in response. I've been highly focused on multiple things like training an employee.=P
    Yeah I'm kind of a manager at a store. Lots of work.=)

    Also playing lots of sonic games, listening to sonic music and watching Digimon.
    I have also been playing Pokemon green version also and collecting Pokemon cards. I'm a bit confused that I've bought over 10 booster packs for XY and OR and AS and still haven't got 1 Pikachu yet.=(
    I found out there's this Pokemon league thing near me and they have an adult devision and I'm considering getting into that but I can't go into this without a deck designed with the modern cards. I also work quite well with electric Pokemon cards and Pikachu always makes it in but I can't even get started without getting a few Pikachu. Why is it so rare to me?>_>
    Hilariously I have 2 raichu which is a start I guess since Raichu also is needed for the deck I'm creating.=/

    I admit I have been watching Pokemon XY on DVD so I never really quit in the end.XD

    Though I'm a sonic fan more so than a Pokemon fan now. However I don't like to be linked to the sonic fandom themselves. They're kind of bitter from what I've noticed.=/
    I'm the odd sonic fan that still enjoys sonic games apparently. Though I admit unlike many of them when Pokemon happened I kind of stopped playing sonic for over 10 years plus.^-^;;;;;;;

    I played sonic as a kid on the megadrive then didn't play or look at anything sonic for years. Then picked up sonic rush on the DS. Was very very casual because I was still very much into Pokemon. Then when DP ended I started moving back towards sonic in full and backtracked on everything I missed. So I may have not been effected by the same things the sonic fans have been effected by.

    So I still enjoy sonic a lot.
    Snow looks nice, but it's a pain. You're lucky to live in a place that doesn't see snow and doesn't get as cold.
    I'm doing pretty well besides not being able to go out much because of the snow.
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