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  • Yeah, you can find them here, take a look List of Pokémon (sprites gallery) | Pokémon Database
    Haven't they already did sprites for them? I guess the Sylveon one can be improved...a lot.
    Do you make a quick sketch of the fakemon you want to make before attempting it? I think it'd be easier if you have something to base it on.
    Yeah, you're right. It's my style. My style of random gibberish to vaguely resemble a Pokemon. I can do abstract. I'd like to see some of your drawings sometime though.
    I'm only interested because I'm a sucker who can't draw and expect it to teach me something. I know, I'm sad.
    They showed a trailer in the E3 today. It doesn't look like much but it's one of those games you know.
    Dedenne is actually a midget Raichu. They just clasified it as a new Pokemon so they can increase the number of the 6th gen Pokemon. LOL
    Ah, I see how Yveltal fits with your Shadow theme. Nice pick! I'm actually 22. Yes, I do like Charizard, and I prefer the Y mega evolution of it. It doesn't take shit from anyone.
    Your username reminds me of that girl from the X-men. I pictured her using this forums if that makes any sense haha.
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