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  • I think you can only trade one at a time each even though you can show 3 :)

    I always just show one at a time ^_^
    yup that's fine I don't mind ^_^

    Sorry I disappeared for a few minutes there I got called away from the computer briefly. I'll head to the wifi room now. :D
    Did you end up getting a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma armor, to help you cut down the amt of steps to hatch an egg? I saw that you asked for one before but I'm not sure if you made the trade?
    I might be able to get you one if you don't have it. :)
    If you want any of the 3 Pokemon nicknamed let me know ^_^ I bred them myself so I can do that if you want.
    Oh no worries take your time ^_^ I would really love to have a female with that ability so that I can try IV breeding some. If it isn't too much trouble?♥
    by the way, were you interested with the female DW Darumaka for female DW Stantler trade too? :)

    I can trade whenever it's convenient for you, I'm ready with all 3 pokemon if you want. Take your time though♥
    If you only have a male Zorua that's cool too of course either way you can have the male extremespeed dratini ; )
    that would be cool ^_^ umm is it okay if I ask if you happen to have a female Zorua? I hatched so many eggs and they're all male, and Zorua+Ditto "don't like each other very much" lol
    Or I could pass you a male extremespeed dratini as well as the DW female dratini, if it's just the egg move that you want on Gen V?
    My boyfriend has a DS and doesn't mind me using it to transfer pokemon over to my Gen V on my DS, so that's how. I can totally help you transfer pokemon if you want ^_^
    Of course... if you could clone off that female dratini you are likely to get, I would love one of those.
    Well, I figure I can use the extremespeed male and the DW female to make a dragon that makes smaller dragons cry.
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