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    what happened to the bulbagarden battle league?
    We closed it for now because we got reduced activity after every season :/ But we are planning to start it again once Sun/Moon comes out so look forward to it!
    Hey so what time exactly would be a good time to battle?
    Hey there, sorry I missed your request. Lemme just switch to my other game :)
    Thanks for the battle the other day. If you want to battle again just let me know :)
    Ok that sounds good.
    I can't write piles of texts anymore-- How am I supposed to reply to you? q_q
    perhaps, it'll also help me figure out these new forums :p
    White Crow
    White Crow
    Have you found out something? -w- cuz I didn't. For example the
    code (my fav) isnt working anymore... I can't spam silly images!!!! AAHHHHHHHH XENFORO.
    well i found out the gif on my avatar doesn't play on threads anymore >_< i need like a day to sit down and navigate my way around here again...feels like i'm a new member all over :p
    'ello there, shark, haven't seen you in a while... Anyway I was wondering if you're trying to re-form the BBL, and if so, just how exactly you are intending to do that. After all, it is a bit hard with the lack of groups at the moment... But that's besides the point.
    Yeah, I'm trying to figure out ways to assemble the BBL. Losing social groups is a bigger hurdle than I thought :/ Don't worry I shall be grabbing you all once I think of something (or if you have something in mind) and I get a better feel of the new forums.
    Wispy Willow
    Wispy Willow
    Heh, the lack of groups is a bit of a problem, but problems are meant to be overcome... Or something. In any case, I look foward to the day we re re-united, and if I think of any ideas of my own in the meantime I shall be sure to let you know.
    People can say what they want, I really liked the game. A mini GTA without the drugs and junk, tho riding a bicycle won't be the same as riding a car xD or not using RPGs and missiles.
    No deaths? o.o is that a achievement then?

    Awww dear >.< everything ended up just fine in the end tho! Spitbacks thoooooo! :D

    Didn't open them woow o.o I don't think I could not open a box, since I think "if I spend money on them Imma enjoy it" but that's the true spirit of a collectionist Shark!

    Busy shark :eek: you pick such time consuming games xD
    You don't have to give me anything - you asked for a male first time and it was my fault for not reading properly and giving you the wrong thing, so I'm just completing the trade you wanted originally. :) (Male Tangela NEVER seem to hatch though haha. Apparently it's a 50/50 ratio but I don't believe that.)

    Within the next hour would be ideal, then I can head off to bed. I'll hang around on the PSS.
    Ok, I have a male Treebeard for you. Let me know when you can take it.
    I'm working on getting you a male Tangela. Will VM you when I have it.
    Oh... I didn't know you wanted male (I thought the nickname Treebeard was a little off for a female tbh). I don't have any male spare, all the Tangela in the thread are female. I wanted a male with those IVs myself, which is why I ended up with so many females cos I had to keep going until I got male one for myself (which I eventually did thankfully).
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