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Recent content by Sharpshooter

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    Favorite shipping

    Pokeshipping. I'm still loyal. :)
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    BMGf Happy Birthday Thread

    21 today. Get in there.
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    If Tracey was a more popular character, would Brock have never returned?

    I agree with Pie earlier on stating Tracey's departure was more to do with the popularity of Brock rather than the unpopularity of Tracey himself. Brock was going over well with fans at the time, the move was wrongly timed, unless the new character was a success, the departure of Brock was...
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    What video games are you playing now?

    Bust a Move and Wario Ware on the Wii. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on Playstation 2. Probably have a crack at Pokemon Emerald again before the release of D/P here in the UK.
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    Why do you watch Pokémon?

    Nostalgic. Used to watch it as kid. First played the video games back in '99 (games came out a year later in the UK than they did in the US), and from then on it really evolved. I still watch it to this day, although I'm more of adult now and have other interests as oppose to watching...
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    Looks like Brock returns for D/P

    I'm getting the impression they were too scared of writing him out again maybe? When they made that mistake of ditching him way back during the Orange Islands, a lot of people weren't too happy with his replacement and crying out for him to return. It made them look like fools when they did...
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    Ash's New Look Revealed

    Hmm interesting, that shirt makes Ash appear more of a middle class kid than ever before. Looks like he's about have a game of golf rather than go on a pokémon journey.
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    New episode title

    With the amount of Nurse Joy(s) presumabley on offer we might see a bit more of Brock than normal. Perhaps he'll become a bit more pro-active in something for a change.
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    Why did the writers remove Misty?

    Even though people would say Misty was a less-important character, it's pretty much how the way she went. I mean, using the idea of wanting to become a water pokémon master was really just an excuse to keep her in the show in the first place. She left without achieving that goal, and infact...
  10. S

    Why did the writers remove Misty?

    Which is probably true for one reason or another. Even the ones who found her boring would have to agree that Brock was about as ineffective as she was, and yet he stayed. It'll be interesting to see if attitudes stay the same if this new girl were ever to become part of the main cast.
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    D/P Girl...replacing...

    I'm just don't want him standing there reading pokénav's the whole time, I mean another 150 eps of that, what's the point? Get him to do something constructive.
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    D/P Girl...replacing...

    Well one thing's for sure Max has got to do something constructive this time round as I don't want him just standing their annomously occasionally giving advice for another 150 episodes. Has to be a more advanced Max or I would have to agree he's just giving up space for another male character...
  13. S

    Which group do you like better?

    Although it had run it's course, the original group will always be my favourite. The Orange Islands group was pretty good too, but there was a noticeble absenty of decent humor without Brock sometimes. The AG group would have been equally as good if they had kept Ash's and Brock's original...
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    Pokemon Advanced Battle DVD release

    Why would they need to put Advance Challenge and not Advanced Battle if it's just a plan? Don't we have the logo for Advanced Battle?
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    Worrying about the dub......

    I'm not entirely fussy as long as we get it somehow. I have Sky+ digital in the UK and I'm hoping it will be recieved somewhere within the hundreds of channels it has. Can't see Sky One doing it though if ratings are falling in the US. Perhaps Toonami will keep it up.