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  • Someone asked me to breed a penta for them and gave me a Dive Ball female to start with. Pentaperfect 7:1 gender ratio females take quite a while to breed, but the OR was a friend so I took it on. I've got no other reason to keep the leftovers around other than for trade fodder, having already finished the request and released the mother.

    TL;DR Someone gave me the illegal ball female to start with, I decided not to refuse.
    Yeah not a problem, I've been growing them recently. I'll attach one to each of the leftovers I trade you.

    Note: Don't try to grow them without having plenty of Kee/Maranga berries for mulch first. Otherwise you will spend 4 days waiting for 2 extra berries at most.
    Yeah, Lansat & Starf too. The only berries I'm missing are the Gen V tournament ones (Rowap/Micle/Custap/Jaboca), and I'd give a few things to have those...
    Both please, just had someone else ask about the Darkrai. I'm not bothered by the wait.
    Sounds like you're using the trade method to clone? You have my sympathies in that case.

    I'm just catching up with shows at the moment, so although I may be offline I am right next to my 3DS. Let me know when you're done and I'll make sure I'm ready and waiting.
    As I said before, that's more actual events than I have. I just have a few copies.

    I'll trade the 'Zard first.

    Oh look, my internet is playing tricks again. This might take a while, apologies in advance.
    Only a box full for Gen VI (and they are not all unique), but I want to be as sure as possible. A minute a pokémon while I'm multi-tasking seems about right.

    I don't have as many unique Gen VI events as you though - I've missed out on Magmortar/Electivire/shiny Mamoswine for instance.
    Thanks for that. Now to spend a half-hour checking what I've received from trades/requests/giveaways.

    The Darkrai is Quirky by the way.
    Bingo, thanks for the confirmation. If you want, you can clone that as well for the Timid Diancie.
    Yeah that would be preferred. Getting online now.

    Just seen your thread, I do have an M17 Darkrai, but now you've got me thinking that might be PS'ed as well. I really hope not for this one ... as before everything fits the EventDex, date met 20/4/2014. If it's to your liking it's yours.
    Yeah sure. While I think/hope it isn't a hack, all I can do is check against event databases, and this one doesn't fall foul of any of them. Actually, if you could find out the IVs of the Power Saved Inkay, that would be a good way to settle it.

    I'll keep the Zardite-X attached for you to clone unless you say otherwise. My FC is 1950-8754-3734.
    Heh hey hey! Seen you online briefly, but I've got to inform you I'll be out most of Saturday.

    That leaves either this evening/night or Sunday to trade. Let me know which suits you and exactly what time you prefer/timezone you are in.
    Yeah I can make time for that. If you're a few hours ahead of me let me know by Friday what times are best for you.

    I will be up early on Sunday regardless (6-7am hopefully).
    Hey, apologies but I can't make it online until later today (~3 hours from this message), which I assume will be well into the night for you.

    I'm still happy to trade with you though, if we can work out a suitable time.
    Hey shaymin, I have a question for you. how did you get a Gif to work as your avatar? I tried so hard to get mine to work, but it wouldn't...
    yep that's the one ^^ Thanks for the offer shaymin. :) If you need anything cloned in the future though I would be happy to.
    I let me intro myself before being freinds, I'am phantom16 and I too really like Shaymin. I thought that maybe you could help me with that.
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