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  • hi Dento! as promised, the first chapter of my fanfic (pokemon: Black and white world) is posted on the writer's workshop!

    if you have some spare time, please read it and comment too!
    hello Dento! i just came by to tell you that i'm not going to be able to enter the forums until 12/06, but good news is that when i come back i'm going to start publishing my fanfiction (Black and White World) in the writer's workshop! check it it's really cool!
    Oops,late response.Please and thansk in advance for bearing with my (8)

    Hahaha,totally.I tend to be the same way with journals ya know?:p I cant even bother updating them anymore xD

    Dont you feel like Musharma will hunt your nightmares forever now?Oh,great darkrai!Please protect us!
    Now every episodes seems more exciting and fresh by having something (dento)to look forward,don't you think?
    Hehe,thank you!Im ashamed I don't have much things in there(I have mountains and mountains of stuffs,but when it comes to uploading Im selective to obsessive levels xD),but hopefully Ill be able to upload some Dentoarts I have lying around.Ill be watching forward yours too(8)

    Inorite!.I wanna see them driving in that cool police car and also the conclusion of the battle arggg!the wait is agonizing indeed.

    lol,I was wondering when you would respond xD
    I just watched you on DA, I'm Miyuno. *A* God your stuff is awesome as well!!

    Ugh I can't wait for next week's episode... need more Dento. @[email protected]!!
    Hey, Sheep. Howcome you're not fond of Dawn like you are most of the other female companions in the anime? Is it because of the way DP was written (mostly focus on battles)? Curious.
    I just found her less interesting personality and design-wise. DP as a whole was my least favorite saga, so that probably contributes to it! I didn't get attached to any of the characters much.

    also, is there a reason you're commenting on an unrelated status post I made 10 whole years ago?
    Hahaha,I know what you mean,I recently just threw up most of my old stuff and cleaned my gallery(do you have DA btw?) ...they were so old and...lame xD
    Wow,this is seriously good stuff!What program do you use?Those adoptable are adorable!

    Arg,feel your pain...yeah,good thing weekend is so close >_>
    Oooh,cool!I would love to see the pictures!:D
    Haha,art block?:p

    Yahoo!Tell me how you are doing and what do you think of the comic art? :D
    Oh,I see I see :eek: Im not much of a guild-person but I do love forums too(8)
    Welllll...there have been harder xD Im not sure if you can still do the early parts,but here,have a guide.

    So you draw?nice,have you won the gallery/Beauty contest?:eek:
    Hi thereee,member of the sommailer-supporters-brotherhood :D

    Cool!:D I'm "Sombra_29"(totally unexpected,no?),are you participating in the plot?
    Hi! The episode is from DP186, the one with Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League.

    You're welcome :D
    That's far too long of a wait for me @[email protected] I want to hear Miyano's heavenly voice and see Dent's sparkles in action! They will be practical, I tell ya! How else will they light up their campfires, or travel through dark forests, or scare away wild pokemon?
    (I like to think that his butler friends are his bros and he's the odd one out...I mean, he doesn't have whites in his eyes XD)

    Same here! I really like Miju and Poka! Both their stats are pretty appealing to me too, but I don't know how I feel about a bulky fire type XD (believe it or not, tstutarja was my fave when they were first released, and I hated mijumaru...Now I love all of them, miju especially!)
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