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  • This is going to sound really random, but I was listening to the song "Topsy Turvy" from Hunchback of Notre Dame and I got to the bridge part right when I was scrolling past a post of yours and your avatar was totally dancing to the music! It was adorable.
    Ahaha I do that a lot, no worries! :D

    And aw, both are cuties! :D I went with Pikachu and Axew myself so I could have Raichu, but I have yet to do any post game content. xP
    Oh what did you choose for your duo? :)

    And I've been good lately! Work wears me out but I tend to nap a ton anyways so it's all good.
    That makes sense. I know exactly what you mean since a lot of people still know me as Professor Erin, my former username. Though I'm attached to Dolce. P:

    And how are you today? :)
    I'm doing well! Got back from a month-long vacation to Burma and I'm just chilling now (like I've been doing all summer lol). Gonna hang out with my friends for the first time in months tomorrow...I'm a bit nervous because I have to drive myself and IDK if they still like me X'D
    Nah, it's okay :) I think I've got a plot sorted out.

    Hey, Pokemon Creepypastas are really weird. I've been reading the old, 70 page pasta thread on this forum, for about a week now, but some weird things have started happening over the past 2 nights. Odd noises and the sound of my door opening slightly...creepy. Today I haven't read any pasta, I hope nothing weird goes on tonight ^_^ The last normal, un-creepy night I've had in my room was three nights ago when my cousin came to spend the night and slept in my room, but he and my brother have gone to Canada, and well, since the night they left this has been happening...creepy, huh?
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