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  • That's far too long of a wait for me @[email protected] I want to hear Miyano's heavenly voice and see Dent's sparkles in action! They will be practical, I tell ya! How else will they light up their campfires, or travel through dark forests, or scare away wild pokemon?
    (I like to think that his butler friends are his bros and he's the odd one out...I mean, he doesn't have whites in his eyes XD)

    Same here! I really like Miju and Poka! Both their stats are pretty appealing to me too, but I don't know how I feel about a bulky fire type XD (believe it or not, tstutarja was my fave when they were first released, and I hated mijumaru...Now I love all of them, miju especially!)
    Its magnificent fiery beard, those cute little boots, the pointy can anyone resist??

    You're welcome! Are you looking forward to his premier in a few eps?
    Seriously! Why can't people see that Emboar is just as awesome? and ridiculously adorable <3

    And even worse, it was a fire/fighting type...oh Arceus, that opened up another can of worms >_>

    I love your user name ;D
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