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Recent content by Sheep

  1. Sheep

    Your newest purchase or gift

    Bought both of the Famicom Detective Club games last night! Also preordered FFXIV Endwalker today, though I won't be charged for that until a few days before the preorder is ready. yeeey <3
  2. Sheep

    More PokeToons on the way!

    I'm really excited. Enjoyed the Pancham one that was uploaded not long ago, and the art styles for the rest look so nice and unique. Wish I could say which one I'm looking forward to most based on this PokeToon advertisement but....they all look so good. @[email protected]
  3. Sheep

    The Garden Grotto General Chat

    New Snap and FFXIV mainly... enjoying both! Not sure if you have a Switch or anything (or played the original) but it's been a lot of fun!! and aaaa hope that improves quickly D: I have some persistent allergies that make my ears pop constantly and it's always such a bother. Wishing you less...
  4. Sheep

    The Garden Grotto General Chat

    Hi! I'm doing okay. Been spending today gaming (kinda the usual when I'm not busy lol) and about to prep lunch. How about you? \o/
  5. Sheep

    Notice A ghost has floated into Pokémon Anime and Manga!

    Hi everyone! You may have noticed a new moderator listed in our corner of the forum. We've been looking for some more help here in A&M for a little while and recently brought someone very deserving aboard :bulbaLove: I'd like to welcome @Ghost Diplocaulus to the Pokémon Anime and Manga staff...
  6. Sheep

    What video games are you playing now?

    Still enjoying the heck out of New Snap, but I really want to buy Famicom Detective Club once I'm done!
  7. Sheep

    What would Ash's team be if you wrote Journeys?

    I actually think this set of Pokémon is as good as it's going to get when it comes to team variety and overall coolness/popularity, and like it a lot. The main issue is screentime and development. But if I could actually give him something else....it'd be Falinks tbh. :bulbaLove: I just can't...
  8. Sheep

    New member

    Hi Tumb, welcome! Ooh nice to hear you visited Japan, I'd love to check out as many of the Pokémon Centers as possible sometime :3c And then subsequently go broke, lol. Nice to have you on bulba!
  9. Sheep

    Explain your Signature!

    it's from one of the prettiest episodes of the Pokémon anime, all I need to say <3
  10. Sheep

    Hello :)

    Seeing someone list Pidgey as one of their favorites is honestly really cool. It's tiny and cute, so I approve! Nice to meet you Ryan <3
  11. Sheep

    Hello hello!

    Ahhh I loved ORAS so much. They're some of my favorites and I thought they were, for the most part, awesome remakes with lots to do. Nice to meet you GhulehGirl :enzap:
  12. Sheep


    You seem super awesome, and your avatar... ahhh so pretty <3 Welcome MoonStone! Definitely going to agree with ice and fairy especially being lovely types, but they're all good honestly. Hope to see you around!
  13. Sheep

    Hi There!

    Tepig is adorable! I loved Ash's. ;_; Welcome to Bulba Tepig, nice to have you join here as well \o/
  14. Sheep


    Heyo Psych0Shark, welcome! no worriesss I was a lurker for the longest time too, but posting is a lot of fun. Nice to have you here <3
  15. Sheep

    What time is it where you are?

    Currently 3.07PM in South Africa. just had some 90% dark chocolate after tea as my afternoon snack :'D