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  • By the way, since I just remembered you brought it up somewhere before, I got a Skype: the_system_error
    Yeah, some people are just freaking weird. And hardware and system specs is something I have never had any idea how to check, lol. You'll have to help me a bit with that if possible. :p

    Being able to criticize yourself - even in retrospect - is a good trait to have. I'm sure it'll turn out well, though!

    Yeah, being able to savour my fic will definitely improve your experience with it. ;) Not quite sure what you mean by reading it is a relief, though???
    Speaking of which, I really ought find a way to clean out my laptop sometime. Because since I've started actually using it, it's been getting pretty warm. No overheating to the point of shutting off...yet. On it's performance though, well, only other game I've tried on it is Portal, and I got some massive lag in larger test chambers. I'd imagine something like Borderlands 2 would just be murder on it.

    Yeah, I'd imagine it'd be best to try several different styles and see which one would be best. And yeah, it sucks when electronics get into a state where you need to have the wiring positioned in just the right way for it to work. Happened with my old OLD laptop, as well as my PSP-1000.

    Heh, not even halfway through...the first scene of the first chapter. And there's three of them, now! Only thing I'm worried about when crafting it. I'm trying to pace how often I put them out for those reasons, but you're not the only one who I seem to be moving way faster than they can read it. :p
    Yeah, I've seen on Steam you've been busy with Borderlands 2. :p I wish I had a decent gaming PC so I could play it on there. Aie showed me his website too; it has a good setup so far, and I think your talents should be able to push it above and beyond.

    Glad to hear you've been enjoying the story. :D How much have you read specifically?
    Sound advice. :)

    It's notsomuch the new house as it is the prospect of the move. He gets diaherea and whatnot, sometimes with blood. Which is a pain to clean, considering he's a long-haired cat. It doesn't affect his disposition too much, thankfully. His breed does like to travel too, which is fine.

    I have 171KB written - and that's not even half of the first part!. And you pretty much don't have to tell me twice about writing down ideas. My plot planning document is 218KB, and all of it's around 700KB. This was the first time in seeing how well things would go to plan. It basically worked, except I had to iron out a few details. I think once I get by the first two parts though, it'll be mostly smooth sailing. Main problem seems to be from having complicated characters and character relationships. Other problem is since I crafted a logical world, I sometimes get damned by it (light sources in a cave).

    Yeah. That's about the timeframe I'm looking to get this out by. You'll have to give me progress reports on yours, because it seems like an interesting world.
    That sucks. Exactly why I'm hoping I get love right the first time.

    Gearing up for a move right now, which is going to happen at the end of September. It's a tiny bit of a pain when you have a cat who stresses easily. Other than that, things have been going all right. Working a bit on my story here and there, while trying not being distracted by live speedrunning or later parts of the plot. I think I have a habit of overcomplicating things, though. :/
    I wouldn't purposely hurt people for their blood, unless I get a job for the Blood Banks, but then, I'd get fired in a flash...
    Same here, but what I meant was that I adore the taste of my own blood. Do you think different blood types taste different?
    Cool. Same here. I wonder what spirits taste like... not the alcohol kind of spirit, of course. It might sound like a weird question, but would you drink from a transfusion pack? I certainly would.
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