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  • Oh, that's interesting, thanks!

    Yeah, he always acts like it would KILL him if he linked to the site the info is from. That's what irritates me the most, I mean any other Pokemon fansite links to its source, why doesn't he too? Everytime you read one of his source-less news stories, it feels like he wants to say "The credits for this belong to me, me and ME! Oh, have I mentioned that I'm the one who found that?"
    Gah, so stupid... =0
    Aww, I appreciate that sentiment :).

    I love my sig too! I had to downsize and cut a lot of though.

    It means whatever you want it to ;)
    Sorry for the late reply...

    That's kind of hilarious. Eh, I got the perma too quickly. I didn't have time to do anything good. I made a couple of alts, but they all got discovered quickly thanks to my IP address. It's probably all for the better though. SPPf is a hellhole now.

    And you know, I really don't know what's happened to SPPf's mods, unfortunately. All the good and funny ones are gone now.
    I don't mind Isshu being part of a new country, but what I do mind is fans' certainty that we've seen the last of Kanto and Johto, and that even Hoenn and Sinnoh will merely have their stories be retold. There are so many new things that could be done in the context of the old regions, that I'm angered that only few people beside myself seem to care.

    I'm against remakes because the nostalgia far outweighs the opportunities to do new things with old characters and places. In this thread, I've outlined my idea for what should be done instead of remakes in the future. The lack of replies and the thread being closed really got on my nerves, because the theory is no less worth discussing than the possibility of Ruby and Sapphire remakes, even if it seems less likely to be applied in reality.
    As it stands right now, I'm more interested in Zoroark than I am in the new mascots. I have a thread discussing the mysteries of Johto, where I brought up my theory regarding Zoroark's relationship with the legendary beasts. I'm waiting to see what references will come up during the in-game events for Zoroark and Zoroa; I'm cautiously optimistic even though Movie 13 was a joke in terms of the plot.
    Thanks; I wasn't sure what you meant because the opinions on my theories tend to be divided.

    My problem with Reshiram and Zekrom is that they are probably the power N is seeking in an effort to separate Pokémon from humans, but how would they do such a thing? It seems that Reshiram is the mascot of the Black version and Zekrom is the White version's so that they can terrorize the environments opposite to what they represent (nature and technology). I, for one, am tired of seeing legendary Pokémon being manipulated.

    A few months ago I speculated that Black and White might have time travel elements, coinciding with the focus on Celebi this year. I would much rather have White version (featuring Reshiram) be set in Isshu's past, with the Black version being set in the future. The two versions would tell different parts of the same story that would eventually be incorporated together into the third version, which would focus on the present and complete the story.
    I always have theories about things that interest me, but that doesn't go for everything in new games; for instance, I'm not expecting much from Reshiram and Zekrom. Why do you ask?
    Yeah, I think it was back at the old Grass Pokemon Fan Club where we met. Eh, I could be completely wrong, though.

    And I know what you mean. I've changed completely from the time I made my account and now. Really, I'd look through my oldest posts and face-palm. I was only going back to the forums now to flame and spam and shit. Really, the majority of SPPf's population are idiots anyway.

    What exactly did you do to constitute a perma-ban, anyway?
    Hilarious. I was planning on going out with a bang myself, but I ended up being perma-banned sooner than I anticipated; something about trolling and flaming or whatever. Whole reason why I decided to come here.

    I'm Meganium Ex by the way. I'm not sure, but I could've sworn I talked to you once or twice.
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