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  • Mods shouldnt be the reason to make people leave sites but make sure you have reasons not just a hate for them
    BlackJack is an ------------------------------------------------------- <~ IN A GOOD WAY ;3

    okay I get it; even though your in serebbi I'm still gonna miss you here, although this will probably give me reasons to visit serebbi more.
    Well you gotta do what you gotta do i wont stop ya. Just know ill be here if you ever come back ^_^
    I like serebbi, but come on, i'm sure every one has gotten infractions for stupid reasons, one of those people is me.
    What if I am banned from Serebii? But, you HAVE to go on PokeCommunity, then. I'm Tismah, btw. -____-"
    Please, come on,do you seriously wanna leave the site, I mean you have so many friends...on another note who was the person yo had a fight with.
    Don't forget PokeShipping!

    Also, in the Digimon fandom, there are a few stories where if two of the DigiDestined are in love, so are their respective partners. For example, if there's T.K./Kari love, those stories also include Patamon/Gatomon love.

    That example happens to be the only one of its kind I believe in. Some people only ship two Digimon together because of their partners, even if their personalities would otherwise royally clash.
    Oh yeah, I forgot about Morpheus...I guess I just like minor ships. ContestShipping is really the only big one I like, and maybe QuestShipping.
    no i found out that it is 110 minutes the longest pokemon movie yet yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    morning, I'm at school right now, just want it to say hi and bye cause my friends are coming and they're gonna laugh if they see me here.
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