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  • I swear watching XY, and all this Ash x Serena stuff (especially the newest episode) makes me feel like I'm watching a shojo. They went from one extreme to the other with Ash/main girl relationship.
    Lol have you been keeping up with the XY anime regards to opinions and stuff?

    I think most people like Clemont...though, Bonnie and Serena people are mixed on.

    Bonnie is cute as a button, but is seen by some as nothing but a cute little girl that fawns over cute little things. Her gag finally showed up, in trying to pair Clemont/Viola. Seeing her use French was cute too. So YMMV on her. She's not really snarky like Max, though she does kinda face fault sometimes with Clemont's inventions. Overall, I don't have any problems with her myself. I never had a problem with Max myself. The only thing that might get old is her gag if it's played for laughs alot. We'll see. :p

    Same goes for Serena. Though, I guess this depends on if you're a shipper or not. It is indeed a fact that Ash x Serena is a thing (at least it's being pushed HARD by the writers from Serena's side). The actual full details of their encounter happen next week (where he apparently guided her through the forest after patching up her injured knee when they were little kids), but she met him in Pallet Town when she attended a Summer Camp there with Professor Oak. I ship it myself, but I'm not gonna deny that I can't see people's problems with her "Ash this, Ash that <3<3<3" mindset atm with no goal yet. Though, at least, Ash did ask her what she wanted to do, but she doesn't know yet given all she wanted to do was see him again.
    I wasn't sure what to make of Ash in the previews. We'll have to see. Hopefully the dynamics here will be legit back & forth and not one-sided and/or flat overused gags.

    It's interesting that Clemont is the 5th Gym leader in the games, meaning that unless som crazy switcharooo happens, he'll be after the halfway point in Ash's badge journey.
    Pocket Monsters XY: The Road to Kalos (Part 1) - YouTube
    Pocket Monsters XY: The Road to Kalos (Part 2) - YouTube
    Pocket Monsters XY: The Road to Kalos (Part Final) - YouTube

    not bad XY, not bad. The only things that would wear on me that I can potentially see so far is if they run Bonnie's gag into the ground. Also, I wouldn't mind if Serena has a crush on Ash. Heck I'd ship it, just as long as it isn't forced down our throats or that be all her character be about.

    Clemont looks to be the best character in the trio. :p
    Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings as well. XY could be a disappointment, but it will be something new and, therefore, could just as easily be a step-up from BW. So, of course, I still look forward to it, despite a number of possibilities that could happen.

    How do you feel about the departure scene of Iris and Cilan? Many were disappointed that it felt rushed and that Iris and Cilan seemed more excited about where they were headed than sad about leaving Ash; but I imagine you may not share the same pessimism.
    So... this is it. Just one episode of BW left and then it's all over. I can't help but think you must be excited.

    With that said, I have to ask: On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the XY anime series, based on the info we have about it and knowing that it will mark the end of BW?
    Huh...looks like the new group might be:

    Serena(or Alexa, we see Serena on the poster..but not sure if she's a traveling companion or rival)

    Though, I'm not sure how much I'll actually watch this series.
    I got afraid attempting a thread necromancy, so I will put this here;
    " However, Paul knew both Sneasel and Weavile had terrible defenses, especially in special defense"

    Actually, Sneasel has 55/55 physical defense and 55/75 Sp. Defense, while Weavile has 70/65 physical Defense, and 70/85 Sp. Defense. So... you dun goofed.

    I don't really have much to say really because I have been spending much of time on Serebii's X/Y threads and 4chan(both for /vp/ and /co/ for the daily Avatar bitching and Azula fanboyism... though I really haven't posted there because it is still the bottom of the internet). I suppose I could ask you about your opinions on X/Y, or the current episodes, but I have read every opinion regarding the former and I don't care about the latter or the new series... so... um... yeah I'm out.

    Edit:"Even worse, none of the Hibernation Pokémon's moves would do much damage; Focus Blast, Hammer Arm, and Slash were all resisted by Medicham's dual typing."
    Slash is Normal-type, so it hits for neutral damage against Medicham(Fighting doesn't resist Normal).
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