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  • oh you made it back for homecoming? How was it? I wanted to get there but it just wasn't in the cards.
    haha it's the same with my parents but with all the sports channels and HBO. But yeah, now that I'm on my own I had no need for a TV. I have a 30 inch monitor for my laptop and since I only watch sports and Game of Thrones, it's real easy to watch that on the PC.
    love the new avatar. Was a great game last night, was happy to see UConn come out on top.
    yeah it is most definitely not a revolutionary plot by any means.

    It's cute and the fight scenes are well done.
    Hi, i wouldn't want to be intrusive or disturb, but when i tried to post in blog "My thoughts on anime director, May, her predecessor and follower" for some reason my post never showed up informing me how it needs to be approved first by blog owner or moderator.

    Is there any way to repair this issue?
    I get slaughtered by CPU Hilde on hard (is that terrible?) so that will definitely help.
    I used to get slaughtered by Nightmare CPUs and instantly thought "too strong and not even slow, nerf" but he has become incredibly easier ever since I started to actually learn the game.
    But I love Tira ;_; I can't!
    Viola is cool and shits but I'll probably drop her.
    Xiba is pretty easy so I'll stick with him, along with Ivy maybe for fun. I remember her being the hardest fucking thing in the game to learn previously :V
    They really did make her much simpler but still familiar.

    Yes please, what is the exact timing?! I've read a (rather unhelpful) article on it and haven't tried it much yet. I mostly just do it by chance.
    Thanks. Up until now, I was using the wiki :V

    I probably have too many mains; Ivy, Xiba, Viola, Tira, and αPatroklos (dat timing)
    how dare you >:C

    Yes, though I don't have Gold right now. (Do I even need it?)
    I've just started playing like last week so you'd probably mop the floor with me ^^;
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