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  • Thats good to hear =] As for me, I have been fine, I have gotten a lot of homework though, too much too handle =[ atleast I have vacation now =]
    And as for the venasaur, I may be able to trade for it, but Im not sure yet because my pearl/diamond is in my car which my dad is using at the moment.. but maybe at a later like tommorow or something time I can trade with you, thanks for the offer! :p
    Hey shinx buddy =] How are things going with you, havent talked in a while... hows life? =] Just wanted to stop by and say heyy =]
    I have a quick question though, do you have an arceus in which we could trade for the information or just permantely trade? if you do and you can, thanks so much, and once again, hey! :p
    Dude. I just posted the movie 12 manga. I am impresed on how this movie might turn out. i mean Dialga being petted by sheena and ash actually being friendly to Giratina. And Arceus. Not even 10 pages into the Manga boom it awakens.
    no i havent, they havent got round to registering my team yet, plus im in the middle of sorting out my team :) managed to get my hands on two shinies :D
    yeah i know, it is tricky, im just getting my team together at the moment, i've breeded a scizor, and im now trying to get it only on attack and speed, but it's tricky :/ im getting so tired of killing golbat haha
    which one did you challange? :)
    yeah it sucks that it doesnt have a gba slot, i was a huge fan of the 3rd gen games, so i use pal park almost every day
    other than that it sounds awsome, especially as the graphics are one of the things i enjoy most about diamond and pearl :)
    have you ever challanged any of the wifi gym leaders?
    hey Shnx3000, just thought I'd come by and see what the prob. was! I saw your plea on the Simple Q&A Thread, so what da prob.?
    sounds brill :) the sinnoh pokedex in d/p is really unbalanced it sucks
    well do you fancy a battle? im really bored haha
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