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Recent content by Shinx3000

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    What did you dream of last night?

    I dreamed that I was online to start with and I wanted to know Eminems real name (I already do know this, but not in the dream) so I went on wikipedia and typed in slim shady and got nothing. I then typed in eminem and got a page about him. In my dream the page said his name was ninininini...
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    Infract the user above you!

    ^999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,998 for disallowing nitpicking on a post with a lot of numbers
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    What if real life rules applied to pokemon

    Pokemon would have to eat, drink and sleep or they would die. Plus they could bleed probably and break bones (they would need to have bones). Don't know how you'd explain the pokeballs but I doubt something like that could happen.
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    Hi Alex, Hope you have a good time here. I am sometimes around (not much recently) so you may or may not see me around at times.
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    What if real life rules applied to pokemon

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but if so, lock this. I was thinking, what if real life rules applied to pokemon, how would that change pokemon? First, Brock's Happiny would never be able to lift those really heavy things and you couldn't lift a munchlax. Can't really think...
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    something you wish to see in the pokemon anime but would never happen for some reason

    Re: something you wish to see in the pokemon anime but would never happen for some re Finding out how Team Rocket manage to be able to build their machines...where the parts come from or how they get the money to build something like that. Won't happen (might but that's a very long shot but...
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    Possible Ruby and Sapphire Gen V: Official Discussion and Speculation thread

    I haven;t been keeping up, but why so? Do we know what timeline BW follows? Anyway, even if BW timeline is different from a possible RS remake, it wouldn't make much of a difference unless they do a Platinum/HGSS timeline thing and have some events in RSE mentioned in BW, if they don't then...
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    My flute pokemon music [taking requests]

    Thanks both, Yeah, I'll upload rest to youtube, makes sense. ghaskan, I had a listen to that but not sure if I can do that. However, will do a RSE tune of some sort next. I'll try and make it a little longer than the last (I keep messing up and the first one took 10 attempts to get that, but I...
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    My flute pokemon music [taking requests]

    Was not sure where to put this so thought here would be ok, please move if in wrong section. I have decided to record myself playing some pokemon music on flute Here is my first piece of music on flute, Route 1 or "Setting off" a quick version. I'll do requests for more pokemon music on...
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    Weird/funny/cool Pokémon facts.

    Another anime one, most of Ash's pokemon evolutions have been Team Rocket based and around trying to stop them... Donphan and Sceptile being two, even Dawn's Swinub evolved to stop team rocket. In the first two regions Ash visited in anime which had starter pokemon was the only regions that...
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    Weird/funny/cool Pokémon facts.

    Don't know if it has been mentioned before on this thread (my internet has issues and is a bit slow), but many for a long time thought pokemon was from the USA (Probably those who saw the English anime back in 1999 when it first aired) All the main Professors are named after trees in...
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    suggest new moves for the 5th gen games

    Liquid Amber Type: Poison Physical Power: 100 Accuracy: 70 PP: 5 Description: A sticky glue of resin seeps from the pokemons pores, may poison on contact Effect: User secretes a poisionous sap from its body, has a chance of poisioning. May lower foes speed Pokemon that can learn...
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    Help catching up with B&W

    I actually forgot about those, whoops. Have not ben keeping up with pokemon in ages (apart from anime) so I'll check those places out, thanks.
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Re: Official Bulbapedia suggestion/idea/problem thread Been getting this a few times too, I think its because of a lot of people on the forums, slows the server down a lot. (remeber back when Platinum was close to being released, there was 503 errors all over the place...or was that HGSS...
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    Help catching up with B&W

    Don't know if this should be here or not, but I haven't been around for a while and lost track of B&W, so could someone give me a rundown of what we know (just a general summary) like do we know of new trainers or new moves, how many new pokemon have been reveiled, new gameplay etc...? It would...