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Shiny Shinx
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  • Well you joined May 3rd, 2010, which is when I would've had that avatar. I got the second one July 18th, 2011. Not sure when exactly I got the first, but it was before that time. I got the second May 23rd of last year. I may do change #4 strictly to switch it to something that works on forum messages, though.
    Yup. I've actually only ever had three! This one, that one, and another one where this kid is walking down the hall and someone jumps in and RKOs him out of nowhere before that was even a meme. Need to somehow recover that since it owned.
    If I had to guess, Xenforo insists that avatars not be below a certain size. When it saw yours it went "okay let's make this bigger" and so it did. But in the process it turned it into a JPG and thus it's not animated anymore. Try having'em make it again, putting it in a 96x96 area.
    JPG doesn't work to be animated anywhere. You need a GIF or PNG, although Chrome hates animated PNGs so best to go with a GIF.
    Just upload an animated picture! That's all there is to it. Though that said, ever since Xenforo happened, it's been screwed up. My avatar isn't always animated. Namely, when posting messages. I believe I read the magic dimensions to make it work everywhere are 96x96?
    Ugh, sense Bulbagarden will not track sites like GPXPlus anymore, I'm going to have to manually update my signature!
    Yeah, know how to do it. It's a bit different to be sure, but I definitely like it more than the old system. Everything's grouped up together on one page.
    Indeed. Can't just give up because 6100+ got nuked in the switchover, after all. Even if it (and the blogs in-general) isn't as live.as it was in the past....
    I don't mind not having BB code in profile posts. :p
    Shiny Shinx
    Shiny Shinx
    I still wish I could put in Bold or Italics though.

    Although you can in a private conversation. Apparently you can even invite other people to join in too. :-D
    Poor game xD; it was destined to perish..

    Yaaaaay :D I am gonna get to it too then~ you gonna face the Little Army :D

    To make him look more badass? I mean a black dragon sure looks cool right? And blue flames are just super cool, too bad I am not a fan of the megazards :c
    Okay that did make me laugh xD "Fish need water, and birds need air."


    Wanna play LC? :eek:

    Then you will have to make new colors for the megas :p Don't bite more than you can chew!


    Ohh no wonder :p I never play in Ubers.

    omg xD I am sure you did want to go to the bathroom irl. I didn't have a dream as fancy but I did dream of that a few times.

    Hmmm :O It's weird if you weren't playing them. Maybe it's nostalgia of both games?
    I get that. :p

    Looking forward to it.

    Oh right! You get the nat. dex right after. :p

    Oh wow that was decently fast. o.o
    -w-# Such religion heh..

    WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN!? *suspense music*

    As far as I know that didn't happen yet but better safe than sorry ^^ Keep the charmander, I can ask someone to clone me a chamander or charizard if you want it :p

    True, like the tourney that happened not long ago.

    Oh then it must be a bit old :p Was it good?

    Of course :p Who doesn't know it? Tho for the 64 I have more memories of games like Majora's Mask, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Smash >o<

    Like the crystal onix? :O
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