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  • To anyone that may be interested: I haven't had the fortune of catching too many generation 5 shiny pokemon. I am a pretty good chainer(pokeradar) so I would be only too willing to trade any chainable pokemon(multiples even) for gen 5 shinies. The only shinies from gen IV i wouldnt be able to get are probably sunkern and swinub btw. I have almost 200 hundred different species now that may be up for trade.
    Hi ShinyBen,
    I have a chat, and am trying to get a lot of people that won't mess up the chat to come and chat with friends on my channel when ever you want. I make sure it is appropriate for all ages, and if there is any innapropriate content that I will report to the people at Bulbagarden. Any Questions?

    Please accept my "Friendship Request" Channel is Awesome! Please Join!

    [email protected]
    Hello friend. Been a while since I had a chance to post anything on anybody's messageboard. Anyway I have a question. Do you have pointers on how best to chain in the Trophy Garden? Like where best to stand, maximum steps to take when choosing a patch and which patch type is best (sparkly or non-sparkly, with or without holes)? I ask this because you are one of the few chainers I know who has had success in the garden more than once.
    If you're still lacking a Phione, I could trade you one. I'm looking for Sandshrew, Vulpix, or Magby, or a female Spinda, Skitty, or Drowzee.
    Let me know if you're interested.
    Hi ShinyBen. My name is The Shining and I thought that your contributions to this forum are so helpful that I had to add you as a friend. I hope you accept my invite.
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