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  • My friend couldn't manage to get the Repeat Ball Ditto with Wifi down, is Luxury Ball okay? If so, I have one ready.
    I've always said that being with dogs is a good antidote to stress :p And I'm sure the other things will be good for you as well.
    Yeah, and it's certainly good for marine science programs, being on the Gulf.

    It's definitely good to at least try and get some respite from your troubles. Even if you can't stop worrying completely, a change of scenery can help at least alleviate it.
    USD absolutely has a great marine biology program, although for a variety of reasons I'm placing priority on schools within Texas. Not that I'd necessarily turn down a chance to go back to my hometown...

    I definitely get where you're coming from there. It's one of the reasons I worry about myself in the workforce, especially since I already feel that way about my grades.
    Well, it's a pretty solid plan unless NOAA or someplace refuses to hire me. Certainly not looking forward to the postgraduate years where I'll have to do jobs I'm not passionate about and thus am not able to do well in. It's bad enough for NT people from what I hear, let alone for someone with my particular set of neuroses.

    AH, well, I'm sorry to hear that, in that case. I hope you manage to feel better soon, though, although obviously it's not as simple as all that.
    Thanks! I'm planning on moving onto community college and then transferring to TSU, Corpus, or Galveston to get a degree in marine biology. If I'm able, I'd like to go for a Master's or Ph.D as well.

    I'm glad to hear that! I can say the same as well. Been taking therapy for my anxiety and depressive episodes for a few weeks now. It's definitely helped.
    I'm doing well. Getting very close to graduation - and my girlfriend's birthday, so I gotta get ready for both of those :p

    You doing alright?
    I kept checking yesterday but I had to go to bed, so it's likely we just missed each other, so sorry about that. And nah, I don't need anything in return, I have enough of these to get rid of :p
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