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  • Pretty much any time today will be good for me; I have no plans. I'm GMT, so I should catch you before you need to go to bed.
    Hey! Rather than post in the thread more, I figured I'd move to VMs. When would you be able to trade?
    Oh hey no need to apologize!

    I kind of understand not writing and feeling empty though, I started writing about a biz pocket but I've been mad busy >_<

    Whenever you get back to it let me know and I hope things turn up for you
    That is fine :) You only got a review for one chapter before, I deleted the comment, but if you are fine with only one chapter than I will gladly restore it.
    Well, you didn't ask that bit last time. And that should be alright, as long as you fulfil the same requirements of reviewing the person before you, and do not be surprised if your review does not turn out exactly as you may have hoped.
    I believe it says in the rules that you can ask for the whole story/anything you want, and the person currently waiting for a review asked for everything to be read I believe. It is your decision and I do not believe it is against the rules, but it should be noted that the longer the request, the longer the wait tends to be.
    Hey, I haven't been around for a while but one of the first things I wante dto do when I came back was check on you and see how things are going with your story

    It was very rich for a nuzlocke and even if you wiped (which would make me cry, dammit Kris) I'd still be interested to read it all
    Indeed I have, I have just been at uni all day so I only got a chance to look over it now. It looks amazing! :D I don't have the time to read all of it soz, but I have read a bit and it is really detailed, very well written, so great job! :D I have given it to the other mods to glance over as well but it should be fine and be up pretty soon
    Oh? what is it you're doing?

    And I kind of feel jealous cause I still don't have my badge back xD
    I'm good, nervous cause I have to take all my finals in two days so that I can leave on my trip.

    Btw, I noticed something, are you a mod again?
    Whoops, that's what I meant! xP My computer was playing up when I sent that before so I wasn't thinking straight.
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