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  • Well, ended up with assisting parking in the press camp, where nothing happened. I stood and talked to some other guys for roughly 7 hours, didn't see much of the events though, but it was still better than our regular activities.
    Right now, like 3 kilometers from our camp. I can actually see the hill where they have ski jump if I walk out the door. Tomorrow is men's cross country ... 15 km I think. Could be interesting.
    Not exactly anything new, the place I am is generally just one long routine. Pretty dull, but it could be a lot worse.

    In addition, we get to go and see the ski world cup for free, though some work is usually required. It's not exactly hard work though.
    Well, one week later would have been just fine, as I'm probably looking at some kind of military maneuver in the week after that. But I'll survive.

    So, how's life treating you lately?
    Yeah, I have barely seen any new pokémon, it will be pretty interesting to experiment with new combinations for a team. I do miss spoiling myself with info a bit, but it will pay of in the end I think.

    Still, the game couldn't have come out on a worse date. Guess I'll have to wait a bit to buy it...
    No problem, don't worry about it.

    Yeah, definitely. I haven't picked up any information about the games, so it'll be fun to see some new pokémon in the game. Will be pretty awesome.
    Yeah, it was pretty much was I was looking forward to as well, and getting some days off at home was much needed. But this week it was back to daily life again.
    Anyways, enjoy the rest of Christmas and have a happy New Year
    That's admirable. I'm preparing for B/W and currently learning how to RNG.

    So, how were your holidays this year?
    Pretty good, really. Home for Christmas, so I can't really complain about that, I could have been stuck at camp for Christmas.

    So how's Christmas for your?
    Yeah. Still playing them. I don't think I'll stop for a while XD. Right now, I'm learning how to RNG.
    Other than that, the Holiday art contest here are my 1st priority right now. I'm working for 1st place which is a pre-order for B/W.
    Also, I've taken up learning Japanese. The 30th would make it 6 months that I've been learning. I guess that's about it. :)
    Well you might have a point about the 3-D graphics. If they make it too advanced, we might have pokemon games with lag. XD
    Eh... but the starters are going to be released soon.
    IMO, if the story line is good, i really won't care about the graphics that much.
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