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  • Oh I think that they will shock us as well actually. I don't have an idea how but DP has always been full of surprises so I'd be disappointed if there wasn't one :p
    Don't be sorry for spelling, everyone makes spelling mistakes.
    I kinda wish DP180 would air already.
    Oh okay, sorry for misunderstanding. I feel pretty embarassed right now xD
    Okay. I don't think that that guy was trying to cover your opinions but that is just my interpretation. I'm sorry for having a go at you.
    I believe I saw it before the edit. You essentially told them to with this "but stop convering each other with the same opinion in these forums. Its anti-democratic."
    Now, 'convering' isn't actually a word so if I have misunderstood that then I apologise.
    When you responded to the Empoleon guy. The post was edited 5 minutes later.
    No, I don't want to see anymore arguments on the animé forum. End of DP is a tense time and most of the threads aren't as much fun anymore with tempers running high. You did tell a user that they were 'blinded' after all, maybe your own advice applies in other areas. Get it?
    "You dont need me to say to keep quiet with my ideas, but you all get the tendency to comment different ideas in a excessive depreaciative way. And I'm not telling other people to be quiet, so YOU stop saying I want to quiet other people while it's YOU who want to quiet me because of my different view of things."

    On here so we both don't get infracted.
    I don't think that you meant to, but you did actually tell someone to shut up, that is why I took offence. I also didn't tell you to stop having that view, I said that you should allow others to express theirs. I actually do want Dawn to stay, but I think that there are easier alternatives for the whole forum to comment about this. If you don't like people commenting on stuff on a negative way, then you could comment on stuff in a good way and set an example. I think that would help your cause.
    I used to play STO under the alias Captain Earl Grey of the USS Hot... but then they made me pay to play, so I didn't XD
    Its just a quick little thing, a placeholder until they release official art, with Dawn and Ash, and the new character.
    Nothing so far. Just people speculating that either Dawn will go with Kenny, or she will stay for the next region.
    I think next week we might actually get some leaks for the episode. Otherwise, have to wait until June.
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