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    GO Microtransactions in Pokemon GO

    I hope you get pokedollars by battling and such, plus walking or doing quests, and logging in and stuff, then you can also buy it but not mich
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    GO Story?

    It will probably be open ended with players making the story, but have many many arcs involving legendaries and teams
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    GO Is it going to be an always online game?

    I wil reserve all my data for this game 0_0
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    GO Battling in Pokemon Go

    I hope it's like the games, though grinding will be much harder due to being real life so there will be less high levels
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    GO Good locations for Pokémon!

    I hope it will take in place three things: environment(lake, river, etc), region(different parts of the world), and rarity. Basically it would take your general region to make a massive list, then take different environments like lakes, forests, graveyards, etc. Of course some are rarer...
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    GO Starter pokemon

    I hope it will have a list of not too strong, not too weak three stage possible starters that are semi rare, and you will catch from the list of those Pokemon in your area
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    Starter discussion/speculation

    I have one thing for the starters. Charizard- Dragon Cyndaquill- Rat Torchic- Rooster Chimchar- Monkey Tepig- Boar Fennekin- Dog Hey, that seems familiar. Kind of reminds me of... The Chinese zodiac? FIRE STARTER NEEDS TO BE A ZODIAC
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    Your Own Villainous Team

    Team Grid-Lock would be led by Dalston. Grid-Lock's goals would be to exploit the Kanto League by taking it over, and expanding it's power. They would be featured in a game that is atleast 20 years after Red and Blue. Team Grid-Lock would already be majorly successful at the beggening of the...
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    Your Country as a Pokemon Region

    Hmm. Iowa. Iowa. Well... It be a really plain flat, heavy base on agriculture. Probably pretty plain.
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    Fizzy Bubbles: Registration Thread

    Bulbagarden Name: Drake Heln Starter Pokémon: Joltik Miscellaneous Info: Drake is a young teenager, who is into computers. Him and his Joltik mess with them constbatly, his small Pokemon be able to get into small circuits and such. TEST SENT Sep 7 2015 - Jan 31 2016 EDIT: NO RESPONSE
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    What type of gym would your city have?

    I'm in a south east Iowa town, that lives on a river and it was made because of a fort built there burned down by Indians, but the areas very farm eccentric. I'd say either grass or water.
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    Randomly created gyms

    1) Amount: 3 2) Type: Electric(4) 3) Team: Shinx, Lanturn, Magnemite 4) It looks like I would be a pretty early gym. Considering this, I wouldn't be especially tricky. I decided that when you walk in there'd be a big computer screen. By going behind it, you can beat gym trainers in order to turn...
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    EVERYONE: Pokémon βeta Version

    Wonderful! I like how different it is and how Infi reacts to everything. Keep up the good work!
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    Cancelled Games Pokemon Trainers! [SIGN UPS]

    isnt this tvm? sign me up!