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  • And this is my response:

    ...Also, some Ghost-type moves, like "Curse" & "Spite" have to do with emotions and "Revenge" (Revenge is a Fighting-type move, which is interesting since it's supposed to be the honorable type).

    Speaking of the Fighting-type, I think it's fine just the way it is. Not all Fighting-type moves would fit into a Light-type because Fighting-type moves are also about actual combat- not just about good honor. "Low Kick" uses the foe's weight against them, which is smart but not honorable. "Reversal" works better on weak opponents, and "Low Sweep" is kind of like a tripping attack. These are all Fighting-type attacks that aren't fair.
    Hey Shuckle, I just remembered something. Remember the "If You Could Invent A New Type" thread? This is the Light-type/Fighting-types comment:


    Light Type is made obsolete in many ways, as the Fighting Type has already done that job (Lucario, Gallade, Musketeer Quartet, etc.).
    Me: A lot of people use the Fighting-type excuse against the idea of a Light-type. But the Fighting-type isn't always "good guys & honor"

    We already have a light type. It's called fighting. Fighting is the opposite of the dark type because it represents honorable and legitimate combat arts. The Hitmons, the Machamp line, et cetera. For five generations now fighting Pokemon are portrayed as masters of wrestling, kung fu, karate, judo, boxing, kickboxing, capoeira, sumo, taekwondo, and also warrior/battle skills. The Musketeers are just that, and their signature move is "sacred sword". The Fighting type is the best representation of "light" there is. Does it reflect the idea that it's based on the light spectrum/light energy? No, it's based more on holiness or good nature fighting. But then the Dark type isn't based on "darkness" so much as dark intentions. So if you only want to look at the Fighting type as the Holy type rather than the Light Type, then you're gonna have to accept the Dark type as the Evil type and not the Darkness type. So you make a Light type and people are going to want like a Shadow type. What's the point?
    Oh yeah, please don't swear, at least on my profile page. I boycott swearing, and all those who do it. I went as far as (informally) vowing never to swear. So please don't. DAMN YOU, SENZURA!
    If anybody comes and reads this, I have a problem - as in my signature, I made a Shuckle sprite, 99 x 99, 29kb. But I can't get it on - it pops up the message 'This is not a valid image file'. Any suggestions? (I'd show the sprite, but once more I can't find a way):(

    Edit: Woot! Thanks, Ryekew, for introducing me to the concept of image hosting sites!
    If you look at the top of the board, you'll see a menu bar.

    One of the sections is called User CP. This is the User Control Panel. It is where you can edit your sprite and signature.
    You can use it in as many parallel battles as you want. I was fighting three people at the same time with my Ralts at one point in time.

    But that's okay. Give me a yell if you wanna battle later on :)
    :S Ouch... Okay, if you still want a battle afterwards, gimme a shout.

    By the way, you do know that you can have up to three forum battles running at the same time, right?
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