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  • O hai, I was reading your guide and I was wondering if you were going to mention Pokemon with synchronize (Not sure if you did already) since they really help a lot if you plan on going for a specific nature.
    Well, even though you havent come back to this site for about two years now, I still want to wish you a happy birthday! Whether it is a few more years when you recieve this message, or you never do, I still hope you have a good one :p
    Hi i am new and read u like shinies well my friend wanted to mess with me and got me a shiny mudkip which was untill he copyed he used 6 boxs spelling out SO I HERD U LIEK MUDKIPZ so if you want ashiny mudkipz not hacked just copyed

    my fc is 4989 2151 6099
    I would like a shiny starter if u dont another shiny or a todadile or if you could shiny todadile( sorry for bad spelling) and the other if i dont respond its because i lack wi fi so i will trade to if you choose to whenever i have a chance
    I want to try and trade with you.. but I'm new to this whole thing, and I kinda want a Cyndaquil.. if you'll trade
    Hello Shuko-chan~
    I can't thank you enough! You've been so helpful to so many people
    with your knowledge of shiny pokemon and kindness. ^^ Thanks to you
    I learned to chain, and after two weeks I am now the proud owner of
    Charlotte, a shiny Beautifly~ After weeks of breaking chains around
    15-20 i found her on Monday on a chain of 5~ Thanks again so much, I
    couldn't have met her without you~ ^^
    By the way how many different species of shinys do u have I have 22 alot being complete forms and most being mass outbreak. my longest chain of 143 produced 9 shiny evee which i then evolved into all the different forms so that helped. some shinys frome the gba i have are persian psyduck "blue" slowbro "blue" and azumarril "yellow"
    Oh and some good poke to go after with you abilities ready are pichu pika plusle minun Trophy garden Elekid valley wind route 205, after dual slot fire red. Mareep flaffy valley wind. shinx Route 202 203 204 Fuego iron. pachirizu 205 fuego iron valley wind. Bronzor"green" 206. skarmory route 227 stark mountain. aron "Light Blue" Fuego iron. just to name a few. Hit me up let me kno wat u think of the tips and id really like to know all ur shinys [email protected]
    Hey wazz up so since your the expert on shinies i figured id share some info. Since static draws in electric poke I reserched and found several other abilities that might prove usefull. Compoundeyes "your own butterfree's ability" Makes it more probable to come across wild pokemon with held items, Hustle and Pressure both make it less probable to encounter pokemon with a high level. Whereas Intimidate and Keen eye Makes it less probable to encounter low level wild poke. One of my faves Magnet Pull makes it more likley to encounter steel type. And lastly Vital Spirit makes it more probable that you will encounter high level poke. Hope you find theese tips usefull in your pursuit for shinies Compoundeyes Static and Magnet Pull were the most helpfull for me.
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