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  • Do you know anyone who can clone on this web site? I'am looking for a cloner and I know I had you someone clone a shiny mudkip for me, it would be great that you know someone who clones on this web-site.
    oh nice! ^^
    If you guys end up going to Florida, I hope you have a lot of fun :)
    ....and don't forget to catch a tan for me while you're there :D
    hey there! ^^

    I'm doing pretty good. I started working a new job a few weeks ago. My life is now pretty much working, sleeping, and checking out bulba xD

    hey, it's always good to take an internet break every now and then :)

    So how much of your grandparents house is painted now?
    oh yeah, i forgot
    i am checking some fan made pokemon megas on google
    many look way cooler than the ones we have
    Oh jeaze, what happened?

    I've been doing pretty good
    Mostly been doodling stuff in my tablet art programs lately... and trying to get past my "stylis phobia" x)
    I need to do as much of it as I can before I start my new job on Tuesday
    Hey Shy! ^-^

    How are you doing?

    How was your day?

    What have you been up to lately?
    hey lulu!!
    did you see mega altaria,mega lopunny,and mega salamence?
    dragon/fairy(altaria) and normal/fightning(lopunny) i believe
    they look awesome
    nice.seems i can grab the eu pokeball vivillon from aug 29 till sep 8
    so it is possible to try and get a good nature?didn't know that
    wonder where are hoopa,volcanion,eternal flower floette
    omega ruby will be released on nov and still we have so few events(those lucky japanese players got many events!!)
    hi lulu!!
    how are you?
    did you grab the usa pokeball vivillon that is available till august 12?
    I'll remember that when I cave and buy a computer ...lol, I don't have one xD

    I've been using Cover Paint for Android, it kinda has the the same feel as the old Correll Draw art program. I can't seem to get past the feel of using a stylis on a touch screen though, I miss using a mouse xD
    Nice, I probability should change mine because it's kinda boring. The reason why it's Vaporen is because it's my top favorite Pokemon. But I guess I could find another one or something about the new super smash bro.
    I'm doing pretty good :) Noticed one poke I wanted to breed and shunt through to ORAS before HP breeding Ralts xD

    What program do you use to pixilate with?
    good to here ^^ .....yeah, I'm actually gonna go to bed soon too xD

    I've been pretty good. Been trying to straighten out the complete mess I made in Bank...a little bit each day x)
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