• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.
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  • Alright, sorry that I went ahead and sent you trade requests right away when you were looking for them in your boxes. Didn't get to read your message soon enough
    i think i figured out the weird questionmark on safaris that we talked about
    apparently when you reach 100 friends,delete some and then re-add new
    some icons get deleted.(usually the first friends you have added)
    but when that friend gets online again same time as you
    the weird questionmark gets fixed
    I've done it before, especially in Black and in Platinum (before GF nerfed then moves power :/ ).....Ages ago, I RNG'd a perfect HP breeding Ditto (30/30/30/30/30/30 spread) in Pearl. But ya, it's still a bit of a pain though xD

    Not too bad though...it's more important to get the 31's in the right spots beforehand (before actually attempting the HP breeding portion of it).

    I'm dying to have an HP Fire Love Ball Gardevior <3333 After that, breed an HP Fire Protean Froakie in a Heal Ball <3

    ty for the luck! ^^
    ty for the PP Up and Rare Candy Shy! ^^

    ugh, I'm running out of IV breeding ideas so I'll be resorting to HP breeding soon.....figured I'd make it a complete nightmare for myself. xD
    omg....ty for the ability capsule! ^^ .....

    hmm, what happened? ....I still got 2 more pokes to give you xD
    ok, no problem :)

    hey, as long as those other 2 are females...I could really care less about anything else on them :)
    ok, I dug through all my PM overflow and found it xD

    Other than dream ball HA Tentacool....the others were Sport Ball Nincada and Moon Ball Seedot.....I believe I have 7 pokes set aside for you (I'll double check)....so just make the remaining 4 any old fodders you have laying around :)
    OMG, I love that painting! <3333

    lol, ok xD .....really, no rush though ^^ ....um, I believe there was a few others but I can't remember them off hand lol xD
    I'll go check that old pm real quick and let you know :)
    oh wow, no BG2 O_____O ......doing artwork is way more fun anyway ^^

    yeah, I know what you mean. I've been straying away from pokemon and returned to drawing and playing guitar as of lately <3

    I'll keep all your pokes safe in the meantime though ;)

    So what have you been working on as of lately?
    Hey there! Finally our internet connection got fixed. I can be online tomorrow between 3 pm to 9 pm GMT+8. By the way, would you take a nicknamed legendary for the Dialga? I know you were giving away legendaries in the first place because you don't need them, but I got this Xerneas named "Great Prince" from the GTS before, and I won't be using it anyway so I can totally trade it to you.
    Howdy Shy! ^^

    how are you today? .......and hows your pick pocketing adventure going? x)
    um......more like scaring the living daylights out of him with a "cold stare" and 3 words........seriously, you don't want to know the kind of day I had....um, just trust me on this xD

    ugh, my landlord does that to me all the time >< .......I usually have to go to their son to get the new password because my landlord doesn't even bother to tell his wife what the new router password is. :/
    hello again Shy...... xD

    um, ignore the last pm I sent you..........I...um..."persuaded" my landlord to change his router back to the old security setting and I'm able to trade again now ^^ ......don't ask me how I did it xD
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