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  • Sure thing. Actually I've been having trouble connecting to the internet lately so I haven't been on too much myself, and haven't been able to meet you online to do the trade. I'm so sorry. Hope you can bear with me though.
    i may have completed gen 3 has but still,i'll give you any has that you are missing
    I know, it is....and it's sooo cute too....lol, i haven't played PMD in ages......since like the GBA days.....Bidoof: gosh, golly, aw shucks xD

    Potato. ...omg, that is such a cute nickname for her <333
    ikr? I'm like the only person in the poke universe that hasn't bred it yet...only did a quick ball intimidate one thus far x)
    Nice, I hope your friend enjoys them ^^ ........lol, you and Bidoof xD ........is it your favorite poke?
    EEP! Believe it or not, I haven't bred moon ball Shinx yet <33333

    Thank you for another poke trade ^^

    So, you going off to be the pick pocketing bad guy again? xD
    I finished sending him his pokes and I'm ready to trade whenever you are :)
    oh, but those are the best sort games to play though! x)
    I'm just sending some pokes over to my BF and I'll trade with you immediately after.....sorry about the wait :S
    oh, I see xD

    ok, I'm just gonna finish hatching this batch of eggs then I'll hop on wifi to trade :)
    hey, you're not dumb.....cut that out :)
    nice! So, you advanced enough in BG2 to be the non-pick pocketing good guy? x)
    I, errrrrr, know that feeling. I've had to restrain myself from DIY during fasting or it's going to take too much out of me. It is very annoying to see the crack/hear the drip and not be able to do anything about it.

    I remember playing the Baldur's Gate 2 the first time round and being kicked off the PC after 6 hour stretches (yip, I am old). Remember to always GO FOR THE EYES. You've probably heard this already, but try to get Planescape (on GoG) if you have time. The mechanics crossover from the BG games so it wouldn't get in the way of enjoying a superb game, one of my all-time favourites.
    You sounded (heh, "sounded") rather beat in your giveaway thread earlier today. Having a busy time I assume?

    Don't worry about the Tornadus - it can wait as long as you need it to, get everyone else sorted first. Do you still want the other legends I have to giveaway?
    ok, I'll set it aside with the other pokes then ^^
    ......oh, you do =O ...omg, ty...you are a god! ^^ I can't handle trying to catch Skarmory any more lol xD

    so I got 5 pokes for you total.....so, HA dream ball Shuppet, heavy ball Skarmory, the GTS Lugia, and 2 fodders whenever you have the spare time...no rush :)

    Oh wow, your friend really went on a Bidoof shopping spree......lol, nice! xD
    oh, no rush on your end Shy....I was just letting you know that they're all set aside for you. Take your time :)

    hm, so you can now take up pickpocketing as a second career.....just kidding xD It sounds like a really fun game ^^

    oh yeah, do you have a heavy ball Lapras yet? If not, I have a leftover 4 IV female one w/ 4 sweet eggmoves if you'd like it :)

    um.....by chance, do you have a heavy ball Skarmory? I've been trying to catch one in SS. but even with only 1 HP left and asleep, I still can't catch the stupid thing 20+ heavy balls later......grrr ><
    hey Shy :)

    I just wanted to let you know that Suddowoodo, Mankey, and the 2 Caterpies are all ready and set aside for you

    See you later on :)
    lol, no worries same here Shy xD ......hey, don't worry...it could always be worse.
    A few weeks ago, I was playing Halo with my landlord's son and a few of his buddies...I was effing up on the controller and accidentally shot down 2 of my teammates......now is that evil or what? xD
    ok, I'll set it aside with Suddowoodo then :) ...I'll get both Caterpies bred within the next couple days

    ooooh, a nerdy romance....nice x) .........huh?....you playing the bad guy? o_O ....but you don't have a spec of evil on you xD
    oh, forgot to mention earlier...I've been breeding Level Ball Mankey as of lately.
    I have an extra 5 IV flawless female (w/ 4 eggmoves) if you'd like it...you can just give me a fodder for it :)
    hey Shy, how's it going?

    I transported the moon ball and friend ball Caterpies earlier today and I'll have them both done on either Tuesday or Wednesday....I also set aside a flawless female HA Suddowoodo for you

    See Ya Later :)
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