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  • oh, that nice! xD lol, I'm a lucky egg farmer myself x) .....hey that works or me and ty again ^^

    Tomorrow I'll be able to pick up the friend balls I had made and I'll catch Caterpie (already caught a moon ball one, just haven't transferred it yet). Suddowoodo is being a pain and I just got flawless female HA to put in daycare....I give up for tonight...I'll finish breeding it tomorrow xD .......It will have eggmoves: Selfdestruct, Curse, and Stealth Rock...it will also come equipped with the move Hammer Arm w/ Adamant nature :)
    thanks. i'm glad that we are cool.
    i've played ruby so many times on smartphones,emulators and consoles .feel free to ask if you need anything.
    also good news that your boyfriend is getting sapphire.i was afraid that few people like sapphire
    i believe steven is a better champion cause he has a better pok team
    i have a thread with has here on bulbagarden.its under your legendary thread page 1
    i need to update it with the new ones i got today.
    you can check it after 10 minutes
    now that i am really close on completing national dex and getting the shiny charm,
    i wanted to thank you again for the many tradebacks you gave me.i really appreciated it!!
    i asked a lot from you sometimes.i tend to get anxious about getting stuff for this game.
    so anxious that i fail to realise how much work a person has done in order to complete a living dex or collect almost every HAs.
    hope you can forgive me if i made you mad by asking a lot from you sometimes.

    i 'll have really soon all the pok you need to complete gen 3 has
    the ones i'm missing you have it.so combined we both have completed gen 3
    i may start helping you with another gen soon

    i would like to thank you somehow for all your help
    i'll give you any Has you don't have yet
    can i do something else for you?

    i'm a little sad that you haven't told me what has should i give you from my thread
    i worked really hard to get them for you
    It's just something I need to take care of, seeing as I confidently state that my shinies are *not* hacked ...

    Thanks for letting me know. I've looked the rest and they are ok to my eye (all the ball combos check out at least).
    I didn't pay much attention to pokéballs back then so it probably was me. I owe you a big apology! I have a 5IV Luxury Ball shiny Beldum I would offer to swap but that's probably illegal as well with the lack of gender (what are the chances of randomly running into a 5IV shiny? Quick head calc says it's about 1 in 1000000000000...)

    Feel rather bad about this, anything I can do to make up for it? Seriously, I don't like not giving you a legitimate shiny!
    oh snap, I didn't see your VM from before. ....I'm sorry for laying the pokemile curse on you xD

    yeah, it will be a few days until I have them ready anyway.....it gives you more time for MM'ing ^^
    Hey Shy, instead...we can just wait until I also catch the Friend Ball and Moon Ball Caterpie from HG. I wanted to breed those 2 to flawless after I transfer them anyway....the Caterpies will take a couple days anyway because I'm waiting on the Kurt Balls to be made

    Would that work better for you?
    ugh...I seriously can't believe that I never bother to use one for horde hunting until now xD

    eh, I still catch myself doing that too....and also, I still catch myself about to accidentally hit the prompt to accept pokemiles instead of selecting BP when using bank x)

    ooh, could you hatch me an HA dream ball Shuppet? That ball would look great with it's mega evo ^^
    Shy....I feel like such a dunce...I completely forgot about using a cute charm poke as a lead until like 15 minutes ago x_x .......um, was able to land one in under 5 minutes after that. idk, still convinced it was shear luck xD ..........um, took me one week and a day and a half exactly x_X

    ok, I'll breed you one tomorrow then :)
    I'm doing the moon balls first in HG and I'll do the friend ball one after that

    I'm so curious to see all this new poke stock you've been picking up here and there......I completely spaced out updating my listing....by almost a month now O_______O
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I FINALLY got that stupid HA female Suddowoodo....EEP! I'm sooo happy xD

    Would you like me to breed you one?
    sure thing! I'll get you one of each then....I've been speed running through HG and forgot to drop off apricorns to Kurt D: Give me a couple days and I'll get the kurt balls for the job :)

    Bank Ball Bidoof extravaganza, eh? xD
    oh, that makes sense. Yeah, it will make things a lot easier for your future games ^^

    I was going to catch a moon ball Spinark in HG and tranport it to breed tomorrow....I remember you mentioning Caterpies in different kurt balls a while back. Anything in particular you're after (moon ball, friend ball, etc.)?
    OMG, you hunted down the entire dex twice? O______O very ambitious x)
    hey, we're poke trading buddies.....let me know if you want any HG or SS exclusive kurt ball females too :)

    ok, ty ^^
    You're about as bad as me when it comes to having rotting legends in the pc x) yeah, Lugia is about the only legend I don't have the heart to transport for 6th gen dex data...oh, you don't have to do that :)

    I think my worse bad habbit, as far as collecting goes, is all the impulse trades I do for fully trained competitive shiny and non-shiny legend/events....lol, I don't even use the things xD .....if you're interested in ever obtaining shiny dex data, feel free to ask :)
    oh, I completely spaced out the fact that you have a living dex =O
    really? o.o ...oh by chance, would you happen to have a Lugia? I use the one I caught in SS and don't have the heart to transport it...I love it to much ._.

    oh no! O______O that damn fuzz ball of a poke isn't cooperating for you at all :( ........advice, slaughter a crap ton of Luvdiscs inorder to appease the RNG gods....it hasn't worked for me yet though o_O ....maybe you should give it a shot sometime, lol who knows xD
    ikr?......like, I got an HA one in a plain pokeball. ......but that ain't good enough! XD ........lol, I figured the same thing...Shiny Trevenant/Foongus, Here I Come... xD

    awww :( saltines and chicken soup for you then ^^

    nice and good luck :D ....idk, I have yet to hatch a single 5 IV flawless spread shiny yet.....every 5 IV one ended up with a flawed spread O__O

    ugh, I hate it when that happens >< I swear, sometimes I have even better luck hatching females in the 12.5 margin......and of course the 50/50 ratio always ends up going haywire whenever it's a poke you're breeding for yourself too :/

    How's you GTS legends trading going?
    Hey Shy :)

    I hope you're feeling better....how are you doing?

    ugh, for the past week I've been hunting down Trevenant hordes trying to get a female HA Suddowoodo in a nest ball........and they refuse to show themselves to me Q_Q *sobb*
    hey lulu!!
    what do you think about mega metagross?
    just got a shiny metagross .gonna train it more to use it when time comes
    As a self confessed non-fan of Diancie, it does look rather nifty in the erm, flesh, so to speak.
    hi lulu!!
    how are you?
    how's the league going?
    got any new games(do you have other consoles except 3ds)?
    any other news?
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