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  • I don't think I can do cloning today, sorry! I just got 3 new games from Gamestop so I want to test them out today, but I should be free tomorrow
    The "only" Deoxys I have are Plasma and Oblivia (all four of them) so I wouldn't refuse that one. Cloned or not I'm not fussed, so let me know if/when you want to go ahead.
    OMG, I sooooo want your 12.5% female HA luck...... ;_________; .....I'll give you ALL of my unwanted constant shiny luck instead xD

    I hope you feel better soon Shy :(
    ok, just checking :) ...I'll be on wifi shortly to trade

    ikr?...I promised myself that I'll never breed Eevee again after this gen....um, unfortunately I'm only lying to myself when I say that xD
    OMG, that is lucky =O ........oh crap, that sucks :(
    ok ^^ ......oh no, you're sick? ;_; ...I hope you feel better soon

    just level ball Slugma is fine :) .....would you like to trade tonight or wait until your feeling more up to it?
    a Moon Ball Vivi? .... O_______O .....lol, those damn PowerSaves hackers xD ........eh...in hindsight, at least a moon ball looks great on a monsoon pattern ^^

    hmm, I'll have to check out your spreadsheet link again sometime x)

    oh yeah, I replaced my busted HG game cartridge a little while ago so I have both HG and SS now.....if you're ever in the market for some more Kurt Ball female pokes :)
    -I love poke hunting x)
    EEK!!!.......just kidding xD

    hey, don't sweat it...that's alight :)

    just shoot me a VM whenever you have level ball Slugma ready, k?.......I'll keep your Diglett safe in the meantime :)
    ok ^^ .....lol, no problem. I'm just going to copy/paste them to the pm anyway xD

    give me about 15min and I'll pm that list over to you.........pick whatever you want from it :)
    oh yeah, forgot to mention it to you before....... O_O

    I have more 4 IV and 5 IV flawless kurt ball and HA female breeding leftovers than I know what to do with..... D: ........would you like me to pm you what I have (minus what you already have in your spreadsheet)? .....I'll give you whatever you want from that list for free.
    -at least I know you would appreciate them and get use out of them :)
    hey, no problem. ...I'm a little tied up atm anyway :)

    we can definitely trade tomorrow :)
    lol, the original HA horde female was an uber pain to catch too....I had to breed a second Bulba with ingrain just so the Aron hordes wouldn't "Roar" me to death xD

    ok, cool beans! ^^ .....oh, I would love a level ball Slugma if you could hatch a female one for me please x)
    Hey Shy, how's it going? :)

    My last breeding project was Heavy Metal Aron in a dive ball...I have an extra Adamant HA dive ball female (spread- 31/×/31/×/31/31) with Egg Moves- Dragon Rush, Body Slam, Iron Head, and Stealth Rock..............Would you be interested in it?
    Not a buttload, just trying to get them done now. Double/Triple/Rotation can easily be abused, and it is pretty tempting to do so. Leaving Singles to last - I did want to try it with a Kalos only team, but I might MegaMom my way to victory just to get it done quickly.
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