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  • That's really great to hear. I'm an anti-hacking as well. Well, no but I would love to read them :) Added you. My FC is in my profile. My trainer's name is Hugo. Oh, if you want I could check for you? Mine is fighting. And once again thank you soooooo much for shiny Beldum. I have never ever encountered a shiny before.
    Well, as long as it is not hacking then count me in :D Yay, this would be my first semi-legit pokemon ever!!!!
    Btw, wanna exchange FCs?
    Oh, I see. That's actually cute :D
    Oh, thank you so much for your kindness :) Btw, does the RNG thing render the pokemon illegal?
    Hello, do you want to trade your shiny Beldum? I could give you a shiny for it or a legendary. Metagross is my fav pesudo :3
    DUDE *cough* i mean hey <_< anyway i was wondering if your were still breadding shinies cause i want one for my diamond.
    Hey man, do you mind if I add to your egg move group? I posted in it already because I thought you were inactive (I haven't seen you post in ages) but I can always delete it.
    hey i saw your post on the report a trade thread and it jolted my memory about a trade i almost had back in may.
    If you ever happen to set up a trade with a "shayminskyforme88" i would advise against it.

    With your policy, you'd be way more than against trading with him(her?), as the cart he apparently uses is a flash cart and only through lots of poking around did i find that out before a trade was to go through.

    just a head's up (though i bet with your super sleuthing you would've found out anyway)
    :) tootles! :)
    lol, Same things happened to my platinum game, (only use it to ev train now) and thanks dude, it was a pain to do, but finally got there with the riolu :D woah, congrats on the shiny dude :D
    I want to RNg(on Gen V) but it's growing kind of difficult for me because I use PPRNG and all of the guides are for RNG reporter.
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