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  • mine is 0603 9660 9297 what last item do you want? (bring the eevee and some fodder pokemon)
    Thanks a lot for these trades! I actually meant I only need to keep one of the French Togetic, for the Togekiss entry, but it works this way too. And wow, a shiny Nidorina? That's just amazing.
    Dunno what happened there, got a communication error. Don't worry, the Palkia is intact. Connecting again now.
    Ah, okay then. :p I'll be soon in the Wi-Fi Room with the needed Pokémon then. I'll be using Platinum, FC is 5198 9698 7938.
    Your welcome. I really wanted to have a shiny scyther. Well, see ya later, nice conducting business with you. :D
    Hold on, I don't yet have a replacement for Aipom, Budew, Nidorina and Togetic for you! Breeding an Aipom and a Nidoran♀ will take a little time and catching a Budew or Roselia won't take long. I have a few Togepi available right away, but it cannot breed as Togepi, so I'll evolve it, which will also take some time.
    You've got quite a interesting bunch of Pokémon there! These ones interest me: FRA Aipom, FRA Swampert, GER Lunatone, GER Budew, FRA Azelf, GER Nidorina, FRA Togetic, FRA Pachirisu, FRA and SPA Palkia, SPA Regigigas, FRA and ITA Manaphy, and GER Darkrai. Of these, I'd only need to keep the ones that can evolve, that is, Aipom, Budew, Nidorina, and Togetic. If I'll get you one of each of those Pokémon, and then we'll trade those once and do tradebacks for all the other Pokémon, would that be okay?
    I'll be available most of Saturday (depending on when I wake up). I'm on GMT-7 and this message was sent around 5:22PM my time. Hopefully I'll catch you. See ya! :)
    Sorry, I wasn't home for a few days and thus did just quick visits. Yeah, both of those interest me. Is there anything specific you're looking for in return?
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