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  • No really... I have papers that would float away if I didn't weigh them down.

    But yeah, I use my AR to tell me about IVs and EVs mostly. It's also faster than GTS cloning.
    Well, that's good to know how you feel. ARs could be used for things as simple as IV checks.

    But that doesn't fall into the common definition of hacking, so you could do with more clarity in future posts.
    And it does weigh my papers down fine.
    So the problem is:
    A. The roseila I bred for you?
    B. The random budew(I think it was that anyway, could have been something else) I was traded and passed forward?
    C. The fact that I own an action replay.

    To be clear, I didn't read that post before I messaged you.
    ouch, tough week it sounds like :O well, passed my maths, and hopefully have gotten at least a c for english (though I am concerned as I struggle with writing thanks to my aspergers) my clait plus aint looking too good though.... hey, totally random, but don't suppose u know how to get a riolu with the following moves as I only managed 2 of them (will get chain breeding eventually, lol)

    Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, Crunch, and Cross Chop

    thanks in advance

    ps, how are you finding black/white so far?
    Nah, no grudges here. xP I was worried at the reaction I was going to get lol. Yeah, I saw the video you posted; that was a big fire o_O

    Ah. :/ Well I thought I should let you know, since I asked her whether she used one (before you traded) and she said yeah. Figured I should let you know, knowing you don't like trading with AR users--so you could release whatever you received.
    Hey man, hope there's no bad blood between us..

    But dude, I noticed you traded with Vixana a while back. You know she uses an AR, right?
    off to Collectormania Milton Keynes now any UKers keep an eye out for me - i'm like the picture on my profile except the silly sideburns are off for now & i have a skinhead - say "hi" & battle me :p
    exactly :/ I only have the one gen 5 cart, so thats a no-go for me sadly lol maybe when a non-remake/3rd-of game comes out this gen i might do that.

    ya, i've noticed. its a good policy to have.
    dear lord man, i admire you.

    I never realized how hard it really was to keep carts clean nowadays D: i've been having to turn down trades left and right x|
    thanks dude :D got my first one out the way today, feel like I have aged a few decades... got the second one on Wednesday...
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