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  • Absolutely, we might have to wait until I get home though unless Winter's computer is good enough to play DotA (my laptop sure as shit isn't xD)

    In general, yes. when playing Lina I put my first point in Light Strike Array (because yay stun) and then I proceed to max Dragon Slave, grabbing Laguna Blade whenever I can. Once I have Dragon Slave at 4 and Fiery Soul at 2, I then usually alternate Fiery Soul and Light Strike Array, mainly because even though Light Strike Array levels only increase damage, Fiery Soul is completely useless if you aren't throwing lots of spells out, and fat lot of use a 2 second stun will do if you don't have the damage to secure the kill.
    Oh wow, okay, so I was wrong about Chrom. I think I've heard clips of Leon from the REs he did though, so maybe that's why it's familiar. But omg Liam O'brien still does a voice. Can't wait to get that character XD
    Whoops, sorry for the delay. Take it if you want it, or don't take it if you don't want it. xD
    XD Ikr, I was thinking the same thing. Weird how that worked out. This week is my last week of uni this semester, but dad is coming to visit me this weekend, so I might not be able to hop on to battle until like Monday afternoon or something. Is that gonna be okay with you? I might be able to do it Friday too. It depends how my work schedule at the school goes this week, since classes are done on Wednesday for me technically.
    Oh that looks so awesome. I am super psyched for this game. Like, completely.

    I think I still have a battle with Neon going on lol. I've been meaning to make changes to my lineup, but I don't wanna do that while it's still going on. Has he been around at all? I think it was his send. And I'm the one that's going to need the practice lol. I haven't battled in ages. Uni is kickin my ass.
    Don't worry. You'll get into the groove pretty quickly. :3 Congrats!

    Looking over your grade, I just wanted to mention one thing: Pokemon names don't have to be capitlized. Some people see them as proper nouns while other just see them as animal names. (Such as "dog" and "tiger" in English.) As long as the author stays consistent with the capitilization of Pokemon species (so no "Pikachu" in one paragraph and "pikachu" in the other), both are a-okay to use. ^^
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