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Recent content by Silhouette

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    Favorite in-game music

    My absolute favorite music would be route 216 from DPPt. It just sounds so tranquil. That, and the Lake Trio battle theme is pretty sweet.
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    Favorite PokeBall..

    Heavy Ball for sure. That thing came in handy when fighting Groudon in SS. XD
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    Contest Spiritomb vs Sableye

    Re: Spiritomb or Sableye? Spiritomb, because SAbleye doesn't exactly have the best stats, even though it looks cooler.
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    If you could be a pokemon which one would you be?

    I'd be something like... Cacturne, a pokemon that's unexpected.
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    Who's gonna stay with Pokémon?

    I've always been a die hard pokemon fan since day one. While I enjoy the nostalgia factor, I always welcome the new pokemon, so yes, I'm definitely sticking with pokemon.
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    Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    Re: Your first Shining Pokemon. I had a shiny Numel in Sapphire. I lost the save file since then. :(
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    Contest Mew Vs. The Lake Trio

    Well, if it was Mew versus the Lake Trio, the Lake Trio would probably win, outnumbering Mew and all. I'm not sure about them battling Mew separately.
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    What kind of trainer are you?

    I'm a type B trainer for sure. Haven't been other than that since like Silver and Gold versions.
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    Which names do you pronounce differently from the official way?

    I'm pretty sure I've got the Pokemon names down, but I used to butcher Rattata. I used to pronounce it Rat-a-tat when I was little. XD
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    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Earlier today, I was sitting on the couch playing my DS while my mom was watching Oprah. So I guess Oprah.
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    Pokemon you're Proud/Lucky to own

    I guess that any shiny Pokemon that I own I'm proud of, especially my shiny Combee, which I caught in the Bug Catching Contest. . . and won with it. Thankfully, it was female. XD
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    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    I remember not being able to catch Uxie in Diamond version. I had false-swiped and paralyzed it, and it would not catch in 50+ Ultra Balls. I ended up catching it in a Poke ball. X_x
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    How's the weather over there?

    It's about 9 PM, and it's raining. I can hear thunder, too. Other than that, it's pretty hot out.
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    Contest Cynthia vs Lance

    Cynthia's team has a lot more diversity in it, so I'm going to say that she could counter Lance with something.
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    Do you plant berries?

    I usually plant EV reducing berries on Diamond, but that's the only game, really. At one point I had 40+ Petaya Berries.