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  • Yeah, I'm not counting on it happening anymore either. The Wii project was either scrapped, or moved on 3DS.
    The conference was ingeniously confusing. I need some time to feel the aftermath. It was definitely among the most strange conferences in the history of E3.
    How did you come to that conclusion? The system itself mostly stole all the impressions. It's surprisingly innovative (in comparison to the mostly "raw" PSP), and packed with many things developers can work with to give out both home and portable experiences. The fact that it's library is also hot is a big plus -- I'm actually surprised to see its games being so much optimized for portable gaming, such as LittleBigPlanet Touch. But most of all, basically, it costs just 250$/€. That's a steal, if you compare it to 3DS in terms of horsepower. Nintendo is gonna need either a big price drop (of at least 50 bucks) or Pokémon -- real soon.

    I can compare (with a bit of exaggeration, possibly, but no mind) Sony's E3 conference with last year's Nintendo conference.
    Massive Project Cafe details leaked - Games and other details

    Had you a choice between a Café title by Game Freak and a Wii title by Genius Seniority, what would it be? I confess that a Game Freak console game is too sweet an experinment to say no to...Can you imagine a colaborational team between the two for a console title? That would be perfect.

    This is probably the last round of rumors. The wait is becoming more and more hard! As does studying for the exams... :p
    Ninty's conference is at Tuesday, June 7th, at 09:00. You can watch it live here. Even if they don't announce a new Pokémon game, it will be worth watching this year, with Project Café and everything! But I figure they will give at least a few minutes in Wii's lineup, composed of about 2-3 localizations, 2-3 already known games, and probably Pokémon. It's also a tradition that when it comes to quantity many titles are announced after the show, just when Nintendo's website goes live. But I think that a game as important as Pokémon will get lots of spotlight. I'm hoping for a trailer without warning!
    It's developed by Creatures, apparently. So, those are the Pokémon Company models? That worries me, to be honest. It could just be their being rendered with lower polygon count, or the lack of light effects, but they still seem kinda sketchy, if not even a bit inaccurate. Anyway, time shall show.

    Also, a third version on 3DS could definitely have such graphics, if to make an excuse out of debuting with a third version. I mean, why do you find it surprising? Is it really a leap? It's not. It's more like a "the models are already done, we can use them" kind of situation. But I figure Game Freak would make their own models, as they did with every modeled Pokémon in Generation IV, so, this isn't really much of an argument anymore.
    Hello! Just here to say "Hi!", revitalize the E3 hype!
    7 days and a few hours left. I hope nothing leaks before E3. It's gotta be interesting!

    Also, the Pokédex app is classy, isn't it? Who could be the developer? Judging from the logo, I dare to say it's Game Freak's work! The models also look different than the usual Pokémon Company stuff -- the textures appear to be more simple (portable-oriented, I'd say). So, if Game Freak made their own models... That perspective surely has an interest!
    Let's hope that there will be some cooperation. You might disagree on this, but the fact that Game Freak cooperated with HAL on Ranger, is part of what did Ranger a great game (and series, if we try to forget some fails). If they did that with Ranger, I don't see why they can't do it again, especially when we're talking about a main series entry now. They don't have to sweat it either; just make so that the Wii RPG is welcomed in the Pokémon universe by giving it an obvious connection with Black and White -- some kind of exclusivity. Kyurem's "real" form, for example.
    Hmm... Then it's not impossible that Crystal may be X, it's hard to tell with the black and white shots. There have been a few GBA-enhanced games on GBC, namely the Zelda Oracles and Shantae. The Oracles actually utilized better graphics (as in; more color palettes) when played on GBA. I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the enhancements X originally featured. The reason that the ability to download new Pokémon was scrapped is a big question... I can imagine this is due to flash technology being quite pricey back then. It could increase the game's cost to add flash memory for, say, 250 more Pokémon, although this may not be it for sure either.

    You know what's for sure? Either or not Crystal is X, it's apparent that there are unconcealed events. Maybe they would originally going to be featured in a Crystal that had a quite longer plot, which by Occam's razor is the most logical conclusion. Of course, it's not impossible that X was a completely different game altogether, but thinking about it, I doubt that. I wonder, will we ever see the GS Ball again?

    As for the Wii surprises... You seem quite inclined that the game would be released worldwide in 2011... :p That would be strangely nice, but for now I'm just happy to hear more indication that the project is moving. Deep inside me, I'm still afraid that next week we might hear about an indifferent Ambrella game for 3DS and be disappointed... But it looks like we have nothing to fear. :p
    Don't let the fact that GBA was a generation ahead of N64 confuse you. It is technically completely possible for data to be transferred from a GBA cartridge to N64, had the correct adapter be released. The Stadium games were so good for games for many reasons; one of them is the fact that the developers thought of how enhanced the experience is when connectivity with the Game Boy games is achieved, and decided to include the Transfer Pak along with the game. A similar accessory (or rather, an enhanced Transfer Pak, which was anyway an extremely low-cost accessory) for GBA carts could easily have been bundled with Stadium 2 (GS).

    I don't think that the progress of Pokémon X had gone too far before it was cancelled, and Game Freak deciding to go with Crystal. In fact, I believe that it may even be a completely different game, which could potentially success GS, just like GS succeed RGBY (as in; "Pocket Monsters 3" -- and I don't mean RS, which were kind of a reboot. Or just as likely, something comparable to Pocket Monsters RPG 64, in the matter that theoretically, it could have had the role of explaining the GS Ball).

    I can imagine that its progress was left behind, and Game Freak decided to put it in hiatus and release a third version to obtain funds for working on the completely new game -- Pokémon X unfortunately never changed its status. If it had been released, it could very likely have featured the time where the GS Ball was transferred (the time traveling scenario, which we so many times discussed), what it included, who was responsible of traveling with it (Kris?), and what became of it. A possibly more accurate variation of this scenario was that while all of this indeed happened, Pokémon X was cancelled before Crystal released -- resulting in Crystal featuring additional features of the said game (as surely is the Mobile Adapter, for one matter). The GS Ball could also be one of them, left unexplained.
    Yes, that's true. After all, XD was spoken of in E3 2005, although it was just announced, wasn't it? We may have a similar case this year as well!
    That's true, I probably should not have included DS. If Game Freak is working on a third version, it's certainly on 3DS. But yes, this should be the last Wii Pokémon game, and Iwata mentioning it must mean that it's quite the important game -- obviously. While the reveal could have to do with a 3DS game (most likely a spin-off), the Wii game is first on board, considering that it would release this year, when, in contrast, there is no press in the time plan for a 3DS game.
    The link doesn't work anymore... Is this the first "proper" reveal of Kyurem? As in, coverage? If so, I think that the game certainly has to do with Kyurem, which of course isn't surprising; be the Wii RPG or Grey (I mean, either on DS or 3DS), it will most likely feature Kyurem anyway.

    Let's hope it will be the first scenario. Can you imagine the game being called Grey too? :p
    Needless to say how correct you were about Reshiram and Zekrom! It's interesting that it's even made so that each version even gets N's corresponding Dragon. It makes me think that these Pokémon may be likely to unlock an event on the incoming game.

    I believe CoroCoro and Dengeki DS will reveal the same, but Dengeki may not do a big reveal coverage, which will be left for Coro². Nevertheless, the wait is just getting harder... :p Why can't they reveal it anyway?!
    I'm really sorry... My wholehearted condolences. What matters most of all is that she had a happy life, she's in a better place now. RIP Sonia.
    I don't see anything wrong, I wonder why it doesn't appear. Anyway, I retweeted it, and it now appears in the search. Hopefully, he will see it!
    Fingers crossed that she will respond to the treatment, then!
    I'm not sure why your @Mentions don't appear in the search... I guess it may take a while for it to appear. If you did everything right, and typed @SUPER_32X correctly in your message, I can't think of any other possible reason.
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