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  • ShinjiLover, thank you for noticing.

    Nekusagi, I am genuinely curious as to the point of that comment. The blog "incident", in which I observed the true motive behind your and Nando's latest prank, had occurred five days before you posted that comment. Not only that, but we had already discussed it via PM, of which the conclusion was that you had nothing to say in your defense and the best you could do was add me to your ignore list. Am I to understand that you couldn't even do that very well?
    Judging by the strong reaction I think you may have struck a nerve. Guess you came closer to the truth than the clowns would like to admit. It's so obvious that they staged the fake picture to try and get back in the limelight after Nando failed the competition. This super defensive overreaction simply cements the claim. The fact that she not only deleted your blog comment and then sent you a threatening pm, but that she feels the need to come and stir up shit on your profile just shows how accurate your claim was.
    Happy New Year Unown Lord, hope you have a successful and enjoyable 2009. All the best!
    Yes thats all well and good but still it would be rather interesting to see you talk in some thing that interest you other than pokemon. You need not post in a thread that was already made you could make your own. Your under know obligation to Im just curious to know some of your other interest besides pokemon.
    Bulbagarden is a Pokémon web site. There is only a handful of other subjects in the miscellaneous forums, and either they have not been to my liking, or I have not found the need to participate in those discussions.

    I am a rather private person, in fact, and prefer to use my "Unown Lord" alias for Pokémon purposes only. Thanks for showing interest, though.
    I asked because some people where speculating on it because of you supposedly only posting in the part of the forums dedicated to pokemon.
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