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Recent content by Silktree

  1. Silktree

    Review JN027: Legends of Heroes! Dande's Greatest Battle!!

    The problem is Gigantamax, not Leon in particular. No Champion should rely exclusively on their mascot, but Lance is the only exception. This episode was saved by Ash's Farfetch'd.
  2. Silktree

    Do you still play the Pokemon games?

    Nothing much has changed in the past year, which is to say that I've only played Masters about twice a week on average (it barely feels as if I've made progress since December). I'll probably play a hack soon enough, but I'm still angry that the one complete Spaceworld hack is a bit on the lazy...
  3. Silktree

    Preview JN028: Sobbing Messon

    The end of the last episode makes it obvious that Go is getting Sobble. And the last time Ash got Pokemon back-to-back was in Kanto, no? Go is the Pokemon catcher in this series, not Ash. Not to mention that the initial preview from April lifted the "Ash welcomes a new Pokemon" dialogue from...
  4. Silktree

    Do you think the anime will have a full conclusion or simply an end?

    Ash's story should be wrapped up in this series, but without him becoming a World Champion, which is too unrealistic for a 10 year old. Do I expect them to have the balls to do that? Not really, which is sad because he can only go down from here. Now, will there be a conclusive end whenever...
  5. Silktree

    Preview JN028: Sobbing Messon

    How is a tweet with nearly 12K likes proof of people being displeased? Even if there are a lot of complaints, those likes mean something. The target audience is kids, specifically Japanese ones. If Go is unpopular among them, which I doubt seeing as how he represents a popular game, then giving...
  6. Silktree

    Do you think Ash will get a Galar starter in PM2019?

    Ash has had 15 starters. He doesn't need any more of them, and Sobble will probably be fine with Go just like Raboot.
  7. Silktree

    Preview JN028: Sobbing Messon

    Wow, Sobble's tears have affected not only the in-show characters, but also the fans.
  8. Silktree

    Which kinds of official video game artwork designs of Pokémon do you think you would prefer for the Pokémon reboot video games?

    I am not in favor of a reboot, and I've never pictured it this way. Forms already exist for people who are bored with the originals.
  9. Silktree

    Review JN026: Jump! Koiking / Put it On! Yadoking

    I don't know how good this episode is since I haven't watched it yet, but regarding last week, drawing out a 2vs2 (or even 3vs3) battle doesn't a good two-parter make. Reminder that the only gyms that got two episodes in XY were the ones where Ash lost, and Korrina's gym wasn't one of them.
  10. Silktree

    Pokemon and Mobile Games

    I'm pretty indifferent. I enjoyed Masters for a while (and still do to some extent, but it's become a little frustrating). but never wanted to go outside for Go. The main series was negatively affected in the transition to the 3DS, back when the only mobile Pokemon games were obscure. So even if...
  11. Silktree

    Pokémon Masters General Discussion Thread

    No. Just play the game and don't spend any money on it. DeNA would have to be pretty clever to justify a second Eevee (that's possible thanks to all its LGPE moves) and a third Pikachu (eh). I suspect that only one of them will be used with Meltan, but who knows. Reminder that Lucas is all out...
  12. Silktree

    Ideas for Let's Go Johto

    I don't think that China even got the latest video translated. Their official site is quite out of date; I can't find any SwSh news. Their Weibo page does have merchandise news, but nothing about the recent announcement or upcoming one. Also, I'd think that Tencent would want their own press...
  13. Silktree

    Team Rocket's Goal in the Gen 1 games

    You're right, and I'm glad they changed that in LGPE. Still, between the Master Ball and the movie, it was a very popular theory that Giovanni was after Mewtwo.
  14. Silktree

    Team Rocket's Goal in the Gen 1 games

    The fact that Team Rocket were after Mr. Fuji always implied some connection to Mewtwo, or at least along with the first movie (that Dr. Fuji died and never became Mr. Fuji, but they didn't randomly pick the same last name for both characters). The extra FRLG references made it obvious, and...
  15. Silktree

    Team Rocket's Goal in the Gen 1 games

    It was just Giovanni, and if we go by LGPE, he hadn't been hiding there for very long when the player showed up: I'll grant you that wearing his usual attire in the gym wasn't smart, but he probably didn't believe anyone could defeat him. He was a cocky bastard. LGPE did throw Trace and Blue...