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  • Aw. I transfered my Celebis onto Black. Just tell me what you have and we can try to come to an agreement.
    I'm not sure whether I could battle you for the tournament as round 2 was just started and you are disqualified for not responding. I think you should ask smartgamer for this issue since you have your reason

    I am suppose to battle Johto trainer within an hour so now i'm not sure what should i do...
    hi, it seems that my first opponent is you. May i know around what time would you be free? i should be on around 1.00pm until 12am(GMT+8) in the following 3 days.
    You posted in my thread not long ago that you would trade me a Phione or a Shuckle for a Feebas. I will go through with that trade if you want to. PM/VM me if you still want to and let me know if you want a male or female Feebas.
    I don't think I can trade midnight on 24/12.
    I'll be at church lol.
    Is there anyway to make it earlier?
    My game info.
    Name: Chebon
    FC: 0431-7274-3792

    Are you absolutely sure? We don't want to see anymore reported messages that are actually replies to messages, alright?
    You keep reporting your replies to Chebon to us instead of responding to him. Please pay attention to what you are pressing. If you want to respond directly to Chebon, click on "view conversation", then type in the white box at the top of the page, then click "post message". Now, to make sure you understand, please write a message on my wall. Thanks. Please do not delete this comment either, until you have a firmer grasp on how to respond to wall posts.
    Hey Silver, Chebon here,
    Your totadile is waiting :p
    We agreed on a Tm..I think flamethrower. VM once you get this, so we can set something up. Thanks.
    Hey there.
    Your totadile is ready. We agreed on a Tm, I think TM flamethrower. Anways, VM me once your ready/online. Ty
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