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Hello person looking at my biography for some reason, I'm SilverGlitch, and I come from the US. Now I guess I should tell you about what I like. My favorite console is the Wii, but the GBA is a close second. My favorite football team is the New Orleans Saints. I really like Japanese food. I am a huge fan of Red, but you already knew that. My favorite video game genre is RPG. don't play pokemon for EV's or shines, and I don't trade pokemom from game to game, I play it for fun. People who are obsessed with EV's kind of bother me, while shiny hunters don't. I don't like school, especially history. I also hate the pokemon anime from the end of Jhoto to the XY anime, especially Black and White. If you want to find me on this forum, I am usually in the Fun & Games section. I play Mafia, and am usually on the Random Messages thread, however sometimes speculating on Pokemon games. I also get worried too easily.

Anyways, that's pretty much me. Thank you for reading this.

Playing pokemon (of course,) watching Dangan Ronpa, and drawing. Some other video games I like include Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Earthbound.
Battling grunts in Sliph. CO
Favorite Generation
Generation III (Game Boy Advance)
Favorite Region
Johto / Jōto
Favorite Gym Badge
Humilau City Wave Badge
Favorite Pokémon Type